Want a smile to be proud of? With aligned straight even bright white teeth? See the stories of people who chose an expert orthodontist for alignment and are now happy and proud of their lovely new bright smile. Lots to learn here. Highly recommended orthodontists, and some to avoid. Find the best orthodontists near you.

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Expert Orthodontists in Clearwater FL

# Business Name Address Phone Website Categories Rating
1 Butchart Orthodontics Tampa 5420 Webb Rd, Tampa, FL 33615, USA +1 813-886-0545 http://www.tampa-braces.com/ dentist, health, point_of_interest, establishment
Review # 1: Awesome staff and very knowledgeable Dr. Answered all my questions so that lead me to getting braces. The office is always clean and everything is sterile. I have a long way to go yet, but I don’t mind because I always feel welcome and like at home when I visit this office. Oh and the prices are the best, I don’t think you’ll find anything better. (reviewed by: Tay Machin rating: 5 date published: February 21, 2018)
Review # 2: Dr. Butchart and his team has been wonderful throughout my 26 month treatment. They made it very easy to go through the experience of getting braces as an adult. I got them off today and could not be happier with my results. Thank you!!! (reviewed by: Julie Eveleth rating: 5 date published: January 12, 2018)
Review # 3: I have had an wonderful time. I love my smile more than i ever did before. Ms. Amanda was so great to me. And was great to my daughter. (reviewed by: Shavonne gore rating: 5 date published: January 24, 2018)
Review # 4: I had to change an orthodontist due to relocation. Dr Butchart took over my treatment and not only did he complete it successfully, but also corrected some mistakes that my previous orthodontist had done. Happy and satisfied! (reviewed by: Dmitry Antonov rating: 5 date published: January 29, 2018)
Review # 5: Dr. Butchart is great. My daughter had a horrible experience with Suncoast Braces in Spring Hill and Suncoast dropped her because the insurance company and him were having some kind of problem. Dr. Butchart took her in right away and fix everything the other Orthodontist wouldn’t within 2 months. He has been great with her and she is finally in her lifetime retainers and she has a beautiful smile. After 4 and a half years her smile is beautiful and she is happy with her teeth. Thank you Dr. Butchart for EVERYTHING you did to help her. (reviewed by: Tabitha Villa rating: 5 date published: September 14, 2017)
2 Farina Orthodontics 15303 Amberly Dr Suite E, Tampa, FL 33647, USA +1 813-972-2929 http://www.farinasmiles.com/ dentist, health, point_of_interest, establishment
Review # 1: Wow, such friendly and caring people! From the sign-up coordinator Jennifer, to Dr. Rudy, his dental assistants and the front desk staff, my family has had a great experience starting up here this month! Being that the new treatments were out of routine for my son, we made a big mistake on our part with the scheduling. But we weren’t greeted with scorn or negative looks or anything bad when we finally showed up. We were greeted with understanding and care, and gladness that we were ok! Thank you so much to all the staff at Farina Orthodontics. You really have a great team of nice people there! I’m the kind of person who likes to take the time (days to weeks) to make a big decision like this- braces for our child. But when we had our first consultation, I was really impressed by the doctor’s conservative approach, as well as all my questions about financing being answered by Jennifer, that I felt comfortable enough to sign up that same day! And boy, are we glad we did! My shy son loves to go there and sign in with his fingerprint (high tech stuff!), get his points on his card, talk with the kind and friendly Doc, and interact with the nice assistants they have. They let the parents sit in on the treatments and see everything. The whole environment is just really warm and inviting. I’m so glad we found Farina Orthodontics right in our neighborhood! (reviewed by: Sandy Hyun rating: 5 date published: January 31, 2018)
Review # 2: Farina Orthodontics has many friendly people. I loved the experience. It was very welcoming. (reviewed by: Mari Pili rating: 5 date published: December 13, 2017)
Review # 3: I have spent the past 4 years with Farina Orthodontics and it has been nothing short of amazing!! My sons Hunter, Parker and River have all patients here and they never once complained about going to see Dr. Mark. In fact, I think they actually enjoyed going their appointments because of the fun and happy environment the office exudes. The one on one time and personal relationship Dr. Mark builds with each patient is incredible. To top it all off, my sons have so much more confidence in their appearances due to the amazing smiles they have as a result of Dr. Mark’s care and encouragement. The entire staff is top notch! I’ve never to been to any facility, not matter what capacity, with such an outstanding group of professionals! (reviewed by: Sundae Drouin rating: 5 date published: April 20, 2017)
Review # 4: I have been seeing Dr. Farina for over 18 years. My orthodontic journey involved everything from braces to jaw surgery, and he has been by my side every step of the way. The results have been truly amazing. I have always had the utmost respect for Dr. Farina and his staff. They are extremely knowledgeable and caring about their patients. It is thanks to Dr. Farina that I wear a beautiful smile on my face everyday. (reviewed by: evacristina329 rating: 5 date published: April 21, 2017)
Review # 5: Dr Farina and Dr Rudy are class acts. I know that both of my children are in such great care. My daughter just finished her braces in record time because of these two amazing doctors. My son is currently doing Invisalign teen. It was a great option for a 17 year old boy. In just one short year, He too will have an amazing smile. The entire staff is fabulous. Always very warm and welcoming. Definitely the best orthodontist in Tampa. (reviewed by: Michelle Davis rating: 5 date published: April 18, 2017)
3 Farina Orthodontics 2615 W Swann Ave b, Tampa, FL 33609, USA +1 813-877-5511 http://www.farinasmiles.com/ dentist, health, point_of_interest, establishment 4.9 
Review # 1: My name is Jala Lee. I went to the new office in Wesley Chapel. My mother paid $150 for an invisalign. It took almost 2 hours to make it. She messed it up the first time and had to do it over. She kept having to adjust it. I got it on March 14th and went on a cruise. It cut me inside the back of my mouth and I had to keep taking out. So when I got back home, I went to my orthodontist and he showed me why it was messed up and why it was cutting my mouth. It was not made correctly. Is it possible to get a refund? I should be compensated for it been messed up. I got another invisalign from my orthodontist and it only took 20 minutes to make versus the 2 hours there at Farina Orthodontics in Wesley Chapel. Very upset. (reviewed by: Alicia Lee rating: 1 date published: March 29, 2018)
Review # 2: I called to make an appointment for an Invisalign and/or braces consultation because I missed my first appointment due to being sick and this is how it went. God forbid you get sick or don’t give them an advance notice that you can’t make it to your appointment they will ask you for a $75 reservation fee to make a new appointment. I explained that I couldn’t make it to my first appt due to being sick and didn’t think it would be a big deal to reschedule a new appointment but apparently $75 is more important to them then taking care of their clients. I was prepared to make a huge investment and commitment in changing the way my teeth look and the main determining factor for choosing to contact Farina Orthodontics was because of the many positive 5 star google reviews at both of the locations. Unfortunately because of the unnecessary “$75 reservation fee” I have chosen to not do any business with Farina Orthodontics. FYI when you start assessing fees for your clients especially scheduling fees, that will not make people feel any more comfortable in doing business or any type of dental work with you. I am pretty confident that my business is not wanted because I couldn’t pay the $75 reservation fee. But to be honest that’s not important. The important part was you could’ve had a client who you could’ve transformed their smile but instead chose not to have any compassion or any understanding for their situation. (reviewed by: Mirela Hadzic rating: 1 date published: November 17, 2017)
Review # 3: Dr. Farina and all the staff at Farina Orthodontics are excellent. My two daughters and I are or have been patients. Dr. Farina’s expertise and credentials are second to none, and his technology is cutting edge–making our experience easier, more comfortable and convenient, with outstanding results. Anytime we have had a question or concern, the staff is friendly and immediately helpful. Everyone is knowledgeable and personable and go above and beyond to make us feel special and smile. Cannot say enough good things. (reviewed by: Stacy Clark rating: 5 date published: April 17, 2017)
Review # 4: I continue to be impressed by the friendliness of the staff and the quality of service we receive at Farina Orthodontics. I am always greeted by name and feel welcomed. I am very impressed by the continued care my child receives. Both of my children have have been patients of Dr. Farina and both of them had very serious issues. Dr Farina is amazing. My daughter’s smile is beautiful. Prior to seeing Dr Farina other orthodontists wanted to pull teeth. Dr Farina was able to correct her teeth without pulling any teeth. Her smile is beautiful! At the last visit Dr Farina told me that had my son gone to a different Dr they would not have been able to help my son. It is amazing how much progress he had made. We still have a way to go but his smile is improving so much. Thank you Dr Farina, Thank you Also to all the staff. (reviewed by: TaZe Opiticrating: 5 date published: April 17, 2017)
Review # 5: This was our initial consultation regarding braces for our 12 year old daughter and it could not have gone better! Dr. Farina and his staff are as good as they come! They are pleasant, professional, courteous, caring and made our daughter, and mom and dad, feel at ease and informed! We did not feel rushed; he and the staff answered all of our questions and concerns, and sometimes more than once!! They explained the procedures, processes, time-frames and post-braces care clearly and concisely. They offered several payment options to help ease the financial burden; they were fair and reasonable!! We feel comfortable that we have all the information we need to make an informed and intelligent decision. Dr. Farina also offers a “rewards” program to help inspire and encourage young patients to properly care for their teeth, be responsible, earn good grades, perform community service and many other constructive and valuable life-long behaviors. What a great idea!!!! There are several other offerings and/or benefits that separate Farina Orthodontics from others; the most intriguing was the state-of-the-art 3-D pictures. It allowed us to visually see and clearly understand what was going on with our daughters teeth and jaw. This is an invaluable tool, not only to help the parents and patient, but Dr. Farina as well. Again, this demonstrates Dr. Farina’s creativity, ingenuity and commitment to do the best for his patients and their family. I wonder if we could make a 3-D printed mask and wear it during Halloween??? We highly recommend you visit Farina Orthodontics and compare them to any other Orthodontics office, you will not be disappointed, you be elated you did. (reviewed by: Matthew Marasco rating: 5 date published: April 17, 2017)
4 Abdoney Orthodontics 3516 W Bay to Bay Blvd, Tampa, FL 33629, USA +1 813-250-0313 https://abdoneyortho.com/ dentist, health, point_of_interest, establishment
Review # 1: My time at Abdoney Orthodontics has been A great experience. The staff was very professional but made you feel extremely comfortable when coming in for a visit! Great atmosphere that puts you at ease from the moment you walk in. I would recommend them to anyone needing to get braces or any work done! (reviewed by: Brandon H rating: 5 date published: April 3, 2018)
Review # 2: Dr. Abdoney is extremely knowledgeable, professional and skilled in what he does. His staff is friendly and capable. They are flexible with scheduling and always available for issues and concerns along the way. The atmosphere is one where the kids (and parents) can be comfortable and they are really gentle with the kids. They make a potentially stressful experience quite pleasant in every aspect. The facility is attractive, with all the latest technology and immaculately clean. Both of my kids have had two phases of orthodontics with Dr. Abdoney and they both have beautiful smiles to be proud of now! Thank you Abdoney Orthodontics for knowing exactly how to correct my children’s problems and making the process a pleasant one! A++!! (reviewed by: Alex Stockon rating: 5 date published: December 13, 2017)
Review # 3: We had a great experience with Abdoney. The staff were all friendly and helpful. The wait time was almost non-existent. The waiting area is clean and well-presented. My son tends to brush his teeth vigorously and it resulted in some broken wires. There was no problem getting an appointment quickly to fix his braces. We would highly recommend Abdoney Orthodontics in South Tampa. (reviewed by: Elaine Calvino rating: 5 date published: January 15, 2018)
Review # 4: Dr Abdoney and his staff worked with the fact I was an out of state patient and were able to adjust to my schedule. Welcoming each and every visit, professional and knowledgeable I would highly recommend Thank you. (reviewed by: Kristy Fowler-Ritter rating: 5 date published: March 12, 2018)
Review # 5: My experience with Abdoney Orthodontics has been absolutely superb. I was referred to Dr. Michael Abdoney by a friend and I am so thankful and pleased to have found such a highly skilled, professional and friendly orthodontist. I have been a patient at the Tampa office for over a year and Dr. Michael and his amazing staff have been so enjoyable to work with through the orthodontic process. I cannot voice enough great things about Dr. Michael and his incredible staff and can say with complete confidence that you will not have any regrets choosing Abdoney Orthodontics and your smile will be beautiful! (reviewed by: Stephanie Mello rating: 5 date published: October 12, 2017)
5 Perez Orthodontics 1906 S MacDill Ave, Tampa, FL 33629, USA +1 813-374-2007 http://www.perezorthodontics.com/ dentist, health, point_of_interest, establishment
Review # 1: Dr. Perez is amazing!! I truly can’t say enough about her. I’m an adult with braces, and I can say she has made the process as easy and painless as possible. I’m not even halfway through my treatment time with braces, and I’m already loving the results. She really cares about her patients and sincerely listens to concerns. Every single concern or worry that I’ve had during this process thus far, she has addressed with ease and exceeded my expectations. She is always willing to explain if you don’t understand which is important to someone like me. I’m committed to the process towards a more beautiful smile, and it’s comforting to know that I have an orthodontist who is as well. (reviewed by: Meghan Cambridge rating: 5 date published: October 19, 2017)
Review # 2: Dr. Perez and her staff are amazing. I’ve never waited in the waiting area longer than 5 mins. For a Doctor’s office it super impressive and I brag about this place to a lot of people. (reviewed by: Mark Jimenez rating: 5 date published: December 21, 2017)
Review # 3: First reason for high rating is that my girls ages 11,10 look forward to and love going to the orthodontist! Dr. Perez and staff are amazing, sparkling clean office, runs on time always and there’s no hassles with appointment times especially if the need arises to reschedule. Highest recommendation!! (reviewed by: Tracy Brown rating: 5 date published: May 19, 2017)
Review # 4: I have been seeing Dr. Perez for a few years now and she always takes care of my needs. Rather it’s last minute appointments, emergencies with my retainers, or just answering questions, she and her staff are always available to help. Everyone is friendly, efficient, and always smiling. Dr. Perez and her staff always go the extra mile for their patients and I always recommend them to my friends who are in need of orthodontic care. (reviewed by: Kristin Mays rating: 5 date published: May 8, 2017)
Review # 5: I love Perez orthodontist!! Everyone is super nice and they always make sure their patients are well taken care of. (reviewed by: Gaby G rating: 5 date published: August 1, 2017)
6 Goodnight Orthodontics 3223 S Dale Mabry Hwy, Tampa, FL 33629, USA +1 813-805-0206 http://goodnightortho.com/ dentist, health, point_of_interest, establishment
Review # 1: Wow! He has helped my daughter through her braces and continues makes himself available throughout the process. His staff is top notch and care about the outcome. Patient and parent success on this one! Great smiles from my daughter are priceless! Thanks Mark! (reviewed by: David Beede rating: 5 date published: January 14, 2018)
Review # 2: We love Dr. Goodnight and his staff! So happy we choose to switch to this office! (reviewed by: Melanie Crowell rating: 5 date published: January 24, 2018)
Review # 3: We love them! They have been great with my son Michael!!! Phase 1 complete! (reviewed by: amanda Lee rating: 5 date published: November 20, 2017)
Review # 4: Everyone at Goodnight Orthodontics is so nice and helpful. They helped make getting my braces on stress free, and tried to make me as comfortable as possible while they put them on. I trust them and recommend them to anyone looking for a good orthodontist. (reviewed by: Caitlin Hagney rating: 5 date published: June 7, 2017)
Review # 5: By far the best in South Tampa and the end result are amazing smiles! Love Dr. Goodnight and his Staff! (reviewed by: Jeanne Jones rating: 5 date published: August 2, 2017)
7 Gutierrez Orthodontics 1303 W Fletcher Ave, Tampa, FL 33612, USA +1 813-968-1611 http://www.finestsmiles.com/ dentist, health, point_of_interest, establishment
Review # 1: This place is the best, I tell everyone about them. I have been with Gutierrez Orthodontics & Dr. Gutierrez for 10years, not because they are not great but because I am crazy about my teeth. My husband is now treating here too. Debbie at the front desk is so helpful, the sweetest and most patient person ever. If you want a better smile, come here, they will treat you like family. (reviewed by: K Rod rating: 5 date published: March 14, 2018)
Review # 2: Gutierrez Orthodontics office is the place to go for Invisalign Teen. I would highly recommend to everyone I know. It’s very kid friendly and you get this welcoming feeling each time you go. Dr. Gutierrez and his staff are GREAT! He tries his best to fit our busy schedule. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! (reviewed by: Marta Pinzon rating: 5 date published: July 5, 2017)
Review # 3: There’s good and quick service here 10/10 Im a patient at Dr. Gutiérrez and I’ve beeen here for a year and a half and it’s been good. The people that work here are good. 👩🏻Im the mom and I like the way they treat my kids . Dr.gutierrez is the best 😇 (reviewed by: Xochilt Nouel rating: 5 date published: August 1, 2017)
Review # 4: I’m in Dr Gutierrez office and the staff here is AMAZING Ms. Marlene is wonderful. I highly recommend you give them a try.. I will be referring my Co worker’s who are looking for a great clean orthodontist. So look no further just call and you will not regret it.. (reviewed by: airial washington rating: 5 date published: January 14, 2016)
Review # 5: 100% satisfaction. I recommend Dr Gutierrez, excellent job and his staff excellent service. I am very happy with the results and the treatment. Happy smile! (reviewed by: CECILIA REINBERG rating: 5 date published: April 7, 2016)
8 Blue Wave Orthodontics 3739 W Neptune St, Tampa, FL 33629, USA +1 813-296-5756 https://bluewaveortho.com/ dentist, health, point_of_interest, establishment 4.9 
Review # 1: Dr. Feldman and his staff are simply amazing. The team always goes above and beyond ; and the environment is magnificent i am so happy i chose this establishment. (reviewed by: Ashlee Davalt rating: 5 date published: March 15, 2018)
Review # 2: Dr. Feldman is great, talk about an orthodontist that stands by his work. My son was having a problem with his retainer after completing invisalign almost two years ago. We were scheduled in quickly and Dr. Feldman replaced the lower retainer no charge. It is easy for businesses to be friendly on the front end, but we were taken care of all the way through.. even 20 months after the fact! (reviewed by: Angela Heuchan rating: 5 date published: February 28, 2018)
Review # 3: The Bradenton location is great. Courteous, competent staff. Doctors are extremely knowledgeable, patient, and accommodating. Great experience. (reviewed by: Karen Wetherby rating: 5 date published: February 20, 2018)
Review # 4: Appalling the way way this medical professional has treated a young girl who has overcome so much her life. Mia who was orphaned and all but dicarded in China is now a bright shining star with an unfortunate facial deformity. She needs dr. Feldman’s help which he has apparently denied her. It’s a long sad story that concludes the dr. cares more about money than people. (reviewed by: Jeffrey Gaeto rating: 1 date published: March 11, 2018)
Review # 5: Katie, Rosa, and Melissa are the sweetest employees at BlueWave. They go over and beyond and will make your day better. Highly recommend this place for Ortho treatment. (reviewed by: Amanda Goetz rating: 5 date published: December 5, 2017)
9 Dau Orthodontics 10353 Cross Creek Blvd, Tampa, FL 33647, USA +1 813-929-3361 http://www.dauorthodontics.com/ dentist, health, point_of_interest, establishment
Review # 1: I personally love Dr Dau and his staff from my first visit (getting a consultation) to becoming a patient. I go to both offices (both are convenient one location close to home and one location close to my work place) and have referred 3 (three) people. If you ever want to get braces for you or your children this is the place to go in the Tampa Bay area. (reviewed by: anie charles rating: 5 date published: March 28, 2018)
Review # 2: What a great experience with Dr. Dau and ALL of his staff! Always friendly, and ready to accommodate. (reviewed by: Nada Elftman rating: 5 date published: March 15, 2018)
Review # 3: Dr. Dau is extremely thorough and the staff are an excellent reflection of his commitment to quality customer care. (reviewed by: Anthony White rating: 5 date published: March 28, 2018)
Review # 4: I must say as directly as I can… For our seniors that need orthodontic work done, stand tall and don’t blush behind closed doors. If you believe you would like to have orthodontic work done. I sincerely recommend Dr. Dau. You’re wondering why? As you walk into his office you’re always greeted with a shining smile and a warm friendly hello. The receptionists are overly warm, friendly, charming and professional in their attitude in communicating with the patients. “That I must say is overly special!” The staff that helps Dr. Dau in doing the orthodontics is overly warm, friendly and charming as well. “But I must sincerely say,… as well overly professional in doing their orthodontics task at hand.” The professional attention that you get by Dr. Dau, with a very soft spoken voice- “is a gentle and caring professional!” Dr. Dua explains the process of what entails in doing your orthodontics in details. He is very open to your concerns and issues during your orthodontics process. So “ALL,”… especially “seniors” Come in and have a meeting with Dr. Dua, with your Orthodontics concerns-needs and meet the wonderful staff. You all will be happy and pleased that you did! Luis Perez (reviewed by: luis perezrating: 5 date published: November 29, 2017)
Review # 5: Dr. Dau and his staff are fantastic. Very professional, always courteous and Dr. Dau takes his time with you and your children, ensuring he answers ALL questions clearly and precisely. He does not try to make money off you by recommending unnecessary appliances or braces etc. that you or your children do not need. Absolutely love this office. (reviewed by: Jillian Quiles rating: 5 date published: November 8, 2017)
10 Greenberg Dental & Orthodontics 2702 W Hillsborough Ave, Tampa, FL 33614, USA +1 813-365-3021 http://www.greenbergdental.com/offices/central-tampa/ dentist, doctor, health, point_of_interest, establishment 2.8 
Review # 1: I’ve never had any trouble in the office everbody is always very nice. I just find it very hard to speack to someone to make an appointment fir my daughter. That’s why I don’t give them 5 stars. (reviewed by: Barbara Rubio rating: 4 date published: March 1, 2018)
Review # 2: Very professional and helpful the facility was clean and they have enough staff working at the front counters so you won’t have to wait long to get assistance (reviewed by: alton goggins rating: 5 date published: March 25, 2018)
Review # 3: The staff was great and we LOVE Dr. Adib. She is great with my daughter (6) and son (2)- super friendly and loving. She also does a great job explaining everything to me and helped me understand what things were needed vs nice to haves. Answered all my questions and we are so happy we started coming here (reviewed by: Kimberly john rating: 5 date published: December 15, 2017)
Review # 4: I called in to get information on wisdom teeth extraction. The person answering the phone was very incompetent and rude. Cuatomer service skills non-existent. She wouldnt let me finish speaking before cutting me off. Safe to say i will not be getting service here. (reviewed by: alex lopez rating: 1 date published: February 9, 2018)
Review # 5: Wasn’t impressed with Britton plaza location…the hygienist there has no idea how to clean teeth. Starting out at a new branch they rescheduled a weekday appointment without notifying me, now I am sitting here, 45 minutes past my rescheduled appt waiting to start. 2 stars is generous. (reviewed by: Daniel Dexter rating: 2 date published: February 26, 2018)
11 Mann Orthodontics 5103 N Armenia Ave, Tampa, FL 33603, USA +1 813-877-2333 http://www.mannmadesmiles.com/ dentist, health, point_of_interest, establishment
Review # 1: The transition of this place was life changing! Dr Mann was so much more interactive with his patients and really made sure I understood what was happening with my transition to my new teeth! Thank you to all the staff that helped me through my journey and finally making me happy with my new smile! 💞 (reviewed by: Elyssa Hancockrating: 5 date published: January 25, 2018)
Review # 2: Great staff and a very fun environment. Dr. Mann is the best at what he does and is also a very outgoing person!! Totally recommend this place!! (reviewed by: ISAMAR MUA rating: 5 date published: March 1, 2018)
Review # 3: The best Orthodontics any one could go to i know that my son is going to nice straight teeth, the staff is the best and the place is very clean and family friendly (reviewed by: Angelica Fernandez rating: 5 date published: March 1, 2018)
Review # 4: What an amazing experience! From the first day I walked into the office from Kevin the office manager to Jess the next best thing to Dr. Mann and to Dr. Mann!! All amazing!! Such a great help getting my sons insurance straight. No hiccups! Highly recommend!! Thank you and your staff for the amazing customer service and professionalism!! It’s been a long time since I can say something like this about an experience!! ~ Sardegna ( Giovanni) (reviewed by: Lisa Sardegna rating: 5 date published: October 6, 2017)
Review # 5: Let me JUST tell y’all……I am one picky and specific person when it comes to medical offices…how clean they are and how the staff is with my children, being that I am a pediatric medical assistant. So my standards are HIGH!! I am telling you all of this to tell you that, Dr. Mann and his back office staff (Amanda, Michelle and Jessica) as well as the sweetheart at the check out counter (I didn’t ask her name 😕) ARE PHENOMENAL!! My Daughter LOVES coming in here. They make her feel special, explain everything that they will be doing and make sure that they even answer all of my annoying questions!! I LOVE THIS WHOLE OFFICE STAFF AND THE OFFICE IS SOO CLEAN!!! We are constantly being silly and laughing like crazy!! Feels like I have known them all forever!!! Going to any other orthodontist is just CHEATING YOURSELF!! (reviewed by: Jamie Jeffords rating: 5 date published: October 5, 2017)
12 David L. Leever, DDS 9806 N 56th St, Tampa, FL 33617, USA +1 813-988-9136 http://www.davidlleever.com/ dentist, health, point_of_interest, establishment
Review # 1: The entire office is full of people that care! After hunting for months and continuously being disappointed by orthodontist consultations, I finally found Dr Leever. He did his best to make it affordable for me as a college student, and now, a year after my braces came off, I’m still so happy with my smile! (reviewed by: Alexis Bobackrating: 5 date published: January 18, 2018)
Review # 2: I have known Doctor Leever for 13 years. Both my children went to Doctor Leever. He is wonderful and his staff is awesome. Thank you Doctor Leever , you helped my children to smile with confidence… I would recommond him for his extraordinary service. He is simply Superb. (reviewed by: Surekha Kolipaka rating: 5 date published: January 17, 2018)
Review # 3: Always a great visit whenever I go in.. fast service and my teeth are beautiful!! (reviewed by: Shonda girl_C rating: 5 date published: February 28, 2018)
Review # 4: Dr Leever and his staff took great care of my family through some pretty rough times! Great Doctor and staff! (reviewed by: Lori Wheeler rating: 5 date published: November 8, 2017)
Review # 5: We couldn’t have asked for a better place the care for my daughter’s teeth. Dr. Leever and his staff are awesome, friendly and very knowledgeable. They answer all my silly questions each time we are there. The building is very clean and tidy too! (reviewed by: Audra Marlow-Bragg rating: 5 date published: May 18, 2017)
13 Gutierrez Orthodontics 3302 W Azeele St, Tampa, FL 33609, USA +1 813-968-1611 http://www.finestsmiles.com/ dentist, doctor, health, point_of_interest, establishment
Review # 1: Getting braces at 32 was a challenging decision made so much easier because of Gutierrez orthodontics. He has accepted the incredible challenge of making my crooked teeth straight within two years. Best of all, I have actually enjoyed going to every appointment because Dr. Gutierrez is so welcoming, everyone in the office is friendly, happy, and extremely professional. Additionally, it is such a beautiful office- modern and spacious. I highly recommend Gutierrez Orthodontics. (reviewed by: Najwa Ghanemrating: 5 date published: July 5, 2017)
Review # 2: I have 3 children, 2 that are current patients, and 1 that has finished the process. All of the kids went the invisalign route and have had huge success with it. We have thoroughly enjoyed our experience, not only Dr. Gutierrez, but his entire staff who make you feel comfortable and welcomed. The office is warm, inviting and very clean. I highly recommend Dr. Gutierrez to anyone looking for an Orthodontist. (reviewed by: Erika Freifeld rating: 5 date published: August 1, 2017)
Review # 3: Super friendly staff. The office is clean and family friendly. Would highly recommend for anyone that wants Invisalign or braces. 5 plus stars. (reviewed by: Anita King rating: 5 date published: August 16, 2017)
Review # 4: Another great appointment with Dr. Gutierrez office. I’m getting closer to finishing my Invisalign treatment & excited about the process. Thanks Dr Gutierrez for making the whole experience great! (reviewed by: Nicolas Mejio rating: 5 date published: July 5, 2017)
Review # 5: Dr. Gutierrez is GREAT! The staff is very knowledgeable and friendly and the facility is very nice. Awesome business. (reviewed by: Ellen Fleming rating: 5 date published: August 23, 2016)
14 Johnson Orthodontics 8903 Regents Park Dr #150, Tampa, FL 33647, USA +1 813-964-0828 http://johnsonorthodontics.com/ dentist, health, point_of_interest, establishment
Review # 1: Very patience staff. Just love the pleasant atmosphere. (reviewed by: Emerald Parker rating: 5 date published: April 2, 2018)
Review # 2: They do an excellent job and have a great staff. They’re friendly and professional, I’m very happy with their service (reviewed by: IBISEL GRIFFITH rating: 5 date published: January 3, 2018)
Review # 3: Love the experience I have here! The Orthodontist and Staff are amazing and so helpful. I highly recommend this office for any Orthodontic work! (reviewed by: Bethany Clark rating: 5 date published: March 2, 2017)
Review # 4: (reviewed by: Christopher Lebron rating: 5 date published: January 23, 2018)
15 Greenberg Dental & Orthodontics 3942 Britton Plaza, Tampa, FL 33611, USA +1 813-365-3024 http://www.greenbergdental.com/offices/south-tampa/ dentist, doctor, health, point_of_interest, establishment 3.1 
Review # 1: By the luck of the draw, I got Dr. Christine Phan. She was a spectacular dentist, taking the time to show my me x-rays and explain the cavities that formed between my teeth. She patiently answer questions, even deferring to a cheaper alternative when I asked about their whitening service. Excellent bedside manner. However, she seemed to be pulled between many patients at once. When I was in for fillings, I waited unattended in a room for over 30 minutes after receiving numbing shots while she worked on other patients. In the middle of filling the cavities – when I was desperate for the procedure to be over – she was called into another room to help another patient. That said, she’s still the best dentist I’ve had yet – and I thought that I had good ones. (reviewed by: JT Genter rating: 4 date published: September 24, 2017)
Review # 2: I was advised that i required a periodontal tratnent every three months at a rate of sixty five dollars a treatment although I have dental insurance which is beyond excessive since I’ve been receiving general cleanings twice a year and my density was improved. AVOID THIS DENtist OFFICE THEY ARE RIPOFFS. (reviewed by: nicholas terranova rating: 1 date published: December 14, 2017)
Review # 3: This was our first visit. We found them to be some of the NICEST and MOST PROFESSIONAL Dentists, Hygienists, and Office Staff Ever. We brought in our two elementary school aged children for cleanings before school starts back again. Our youngest is absolutely petrified of the dentist, due to a prior bad experience with another dental office. They did such a great job with her cleaning and they were so compassionate and mindful of her anxiety that by the end of her cleaning, she actually said she wants this to be her New Dentist Always… Now that’s what I call an AMAZING Dental Office!!! Thank you for being so kid friendly!!! (reviewed by: T K2 rating: 5 date published: August 8, 2016)
Review # 4: I called and started to ask a question. I was rudely cut off by one of the receptionist asking what my name was and what I wanted. I will be finding someone else to go to. I am sure this place is great because I see such good reviews but if I a receptionist that was rude and didn’t let you talk and I do not want to be treated like that everytime I call or have to talk to them (reviewed by: Ashley Davis rating: 1 date published: July 27, 2016)
Review # 5: Might be the worst dentist office I’ve ever been to. (reviewed by: Jeffrey Cornell Jr rating: 2 date published: September 2, 2017)
16 Orthodontic Specialists of Florida – South Tampa 1904 S Dale Mabry Hwy, Tampa, FL 33629, USA +1 813-251-1707 http://www.fla4braces.com/ dentist, health, point_of_interest, establishment 2.3 
Review # 1: Wonderful office & staff! Best price in town! (reviewed by: Amy B rating: 5 date published: October 26, 2016)
Review # 2: (reviewed by: Melanie Crowell rating: 1 date published: June 2, 2017)
Review # 3: (reviewed by: Meshia Manuel rating: 1 date published: December 14, 2016)
17 DeDomenico Orthodontics 3821 11012, N Dale Mabry Hwy #301, Tampa, FL 33618, United States +1 813-961-1313 http://dedomenicoorthodontics.com/ dentist, health, point_of_interest, establishment 4.9 
Review # 1: My experience at DeDomenico Orthodontics was excellent! Dr. Matt is top notch, very professional, with a welcoming and friendly approach. He takes the time to review all options available, never making you feel rushed and making it a fun experience with his light hearted demeanor. Dr. Matt and his staff are very professional. I was checked in immediately upon arrival, I was seen right away and they completed my treatment in a timely manor. I highly recommend DeDomenico Orthodontics to my friends and family or anyone needing a great orthodontist! (reviewed by: Gail Miller rating: 5 date published: October 3, 2017)
Review # 2: If you’re an adult considering Invisalign or some other ortho treatment, this is the place. Most professional, transparent business operation in this field I know of. Worked three years ago with Dr Matt after being referred by my dentist, who noticed my teeth needed alignment. I’m 59, had braces at 15yo, and who would have thought I would need them again. Recently had a retainer wire come loose three years after treatment. Had an appointment within two days of calling! Fixed me right up, Dr Matt has a great patient manner. Originally went there because Dedominico’s had medium price, but the attitude, knowledge, and efficient way they handle appointments, patients, and billing made me a customer and a true fan since my first visit. (reviewed by: Brian Wright rating: 5 date published: March 7, 2018)
Review # 3: Very professional and friendly. Dr. Dedominico and his associates provided a fair assessment of what needed to be done, and quickly did their work. I had my ortho work done in another state, and needed to fix a broken wire. The orthodontists at Dr. Dedominico’s office were very transparent in their thought process and helped me to make a smart decision on how to balance effectiveness and cost for long term care. 10/10 would reccomend. (reviewed by: Jackson Miller rating: 5 date published: November 21, 2017)
Review # 4: Excellent experience. Dr. D and his staff are amazing! (reviewed by: Jennifer Tripolino rating: 5 date published: January 8, 2018)
Review # 5: This has been an amazing experience. After our 1st initial appointment and hearing my daughter needed braces she was pretty scared. When we walked into the follow-up visit, she started to cry, but the team at Dr. DeDomenico’s office were perfect. They explained everything to her and made it fun. She was laughing by the time we left. And Dr. Matt was awesome. He truly cares about his patient and the families and treats each patient as if they were his kids. I completely trust him and the course he is taking with my daughter. We are always seen quickly, appointments are easy to make, and the staff always seem happy and excited to see the each patient. Overall, this has been an awesome experience, and I would recommend DrDomenico’s Ortho to anyone! (reviewed by: Patricia Davis rating: 5 date published: June 15, 2017)
18 Blue Wave Orthodontics 1773 W Fletcher Ave, Tampa, FL 33612, USA +1 813-940-5044 https://bluewaveortho.com/ dentist, doctor, health, point_of_interest, establishment 4.6 
Review # 1: Blue Wave Ortho has abandoned my daughter after they started treatment leaving her disfigured. They are very good at having negative reviews removed ever if they are legitimate, so don’t trust their google reviews rating. (reviewed by: anthony gaeto rating: 1 date published: March 7, 2018)
Review # 2: Everyone at this office is great and willing to help. My daughter is receiving phase I treatment and I am very happy with the result so far. (reviewed by: Brennon Toomepuu rating: 5 date published: January 29, 2018)
Review # 3: We love this orthodontist in Tampa! We love the office and the staff! Always willing to work with our schedules and takes us for emergency “brace breaks” ASAP. Staff is super friendly. Dr. Feldman is superb! He worked with us on some issues that other Dentist/Orthos would not. They actually care about their patients not just the money. We can’t give them enough stars! (reviewed by: Kelli R rating: 5 date published: December 18, 2017)
Review # 4: Dr. Feldman and his entire staff are wonderful! They have cared for multiple members of our family, and are always available for any questions or concerns that may arise during the course of an orthodontic treatment. Convenient location and accessible office hours. (reviewed by: Jason Shelton rating: 5 date published: October 22, 2017)
Review # 5: Pleasant staff. Always welcoming environment. Feels like family while you are here. (reviewed by: Ayden Avramovic rating: 5 date published: January 8, 2018)
19 Marsh Orthodontics – William F Marsh DDS 4119 N Taliaferro Ave, Tampa, FL 33603, USA +1 813-238-3384 http://www.marshsmiles.com/ dentist, health, point_of_interest, establishment 4.7 
Review # 1: I wish I could give the Marsh Orthodontics page a 100 star review but I can’t so i believe the high honor of a 5 star review will suffice. The Marsh Orthodontics team is extremely fantastic, no exceptions. Each and every staff member there works to their 100%, always greeting each and every patient with an amicable smile and an excellent attitude. Dr. Marsh himself is always very attentive to his patients and remembers each and every one of his patients as well! I am speaking as a teenager with braces who has experienced first-hand the awesomeness of the Marsh Orthodontics team. I recommend Marsh Orthodontics to everyone who is looking for a place to get braces, because you’ll always feel at home while also getting the perfect smile. (reviewed by: Yahel Hernandez rating: 5 date published: December 21, 2017)
Review # 2: The staff and doctor are extremely nice and organized. I enjoyed going here because they were all kind people. My only complaint is that they over corrected my bottom teeth too far out and now my bottom lip juts out more than I like. From the front it’s okay, but from the side it’s extremely noticeable. The bottom teeth pitch outward and also contact the upper teeth a bit. My dentist said this could cause an issue and chip my top teeth in the future if I’m not careful. When I complained about it, they said it all looked fine and just convinced me it was okay rather than listen to me. I even expressed a concern about it BEFORE they took off the braces, but they said it would be fine, etc. Over the years I’ve disliked many of my picture because of it. Years later, I’m finally tired of it and looking to get it corrected by another orthodontist who will hopefully listen to me. As a professional, singer, and actress this was not what I wanted. It was certainly a big improvement, but I was not 100% satisfied with the amount of money I spent for the process. (reviewed by: Wendi Hughes rating: 3 date published: February 26, 2018)
Review # 3: Dr. Marsh and the staff have been very pleasant and professional. Came to them as a referral by my dentist and it was the best decision my dentist made…For the past 12 months, my appointments have been great and the progress on my teeth is noticeable and looks good. Thank you Dr. Marsh and team! (reviewed by: Lil Mutavarating: 5 date published: March 7, 2018)
Review # 4: Dr Marsh and his staff are great! They not only make the children feel comfortable but the parents as well. A few days after my daughter received her braces he called personally to check and make sure everything was ok. Affordable and a great staff! (reviewed by: Crystal Carter rating: 5 date published: February 8, 2017)
Review # 5: Dr Marsh is very personable. He has a very knowledgeable and friendly staff. I just wish I was aware of his practice 8 years ago when I me and my son had braces. I need him to stay in practice for another 12 years. Just in case my 7 mth reaches that age when braces may be required. (reviewed by: Akyrah34 Vigier rating: 5 date published: October 2, 2015)
20 Brace Place 9806 N 56th St, Tampa, FL 33617, USA +1 813-988-9136 http://www.davidlleever.com/ dentist, doctor, health, point_of_interest, establishment
Review # 1: Both of my sons have recently started their orthodontic treatment with Dr. Leever and we are beyond pleased with all aspects of the office. Dr. Leever is so knowledgeable, informative and caring and it shows from the first time you meet him. Geri and the other ladies in the office are all helpful and caring, fast and efficient! The office is clean and has a beautiful, open treatment area where parents are welcome to watch treatment procedures. I always see a someone we know too! My sons are both excited about their treatment and we look forward to a great relationship with this office and staff! (reviewed by: Lori Jones rating: 5 date published: April 18, 2017)
Review # 2: Dr. Leever and his staff are very professional. You can definitely tell he cares for his patients. I would highly recommend Brace Place. (reviewed by: ana couchrating: 5 date published: April 30, 2017)
Review # 3: Best Orthodontist I️ know…. (reviewed by: Luis Lopez rating: 5 date published: November 9, 2017)
Review # 4: Dr. Leever and his staff continue to provide outstanding medical care! I’m a previous patient and Dr. Leever hasn’t aged one day. Thirty years later and he’s still the sharpest orthodontist in the Tampa Bay Area. (reviewed by: Suzanne Fraley rating: 5 date published: March 31, 2017)
Review # 5: Best brace place everrrrrrr. Courteous..outstanding (reviewed by: linda lynch rating: 5 date published: April 26, 2017)
# Business Name Address Phone Website Categories Rating
21 Radiance Orthodontics – Dr. Jureyda 17427 Bridge Hill Ct a, Tampa, FL 33647, USA +1 813-972-1100 http://www.myradiancebraces.com/ dentist, health, point_of_interest, establishment 5
Review # 1: Dr. J is one of the best orthodontists I came across when shopping around for an orthodontist. In fact, he is so great that I drive all the way from Orlando to see him. Dr. J is very experienced and knowledgeable in his field, and at the same time, he is very humble and respectful. He is not intimidated by tough questions and always willing to answer in detail or willing to research more information for his patients if we request it. He takes his time with each of his patients to make sure we feel as comfortable as possible and leave with satisfying results and answers. The office atmosphere is always very welcoming. Everyone is friendly, accommodating, and very hospitable. They offer free coffee and water in the lobby. It has a very serene and peaceful theme, and the bathroom is very clean and pretty. (reviewed by: safiyyah sorathiarating: 5 date published: November 30, 2017)
Review # 2: Having consulted with other orthodontist before selecting to be under Dr. J’s care, choosing him was my best choice. He is a wonderful orthodontist; very informative, professional, and caring! I appreciate that he keeps me aware, and always in the loop on the progress of my teeth. I have been a patient for close to a year now, and enjoy seeing the progress. He has an upbeat personality, and is always happy to answer any questions that I may have. The staff is very kind, and the office is kept very well! (reviewed by: Irene J rating: 5 date published: January 17, 2018)
Review # 3: Ever since our family attended this clinic, the health of our teeth has been at their best condition. Dr. Jureyda is an outstanding doctor, and he operates patients’ teeth with nothing but precision and efficiency. The clinic offers a very tranquil and hospitable atmosphere, and has a very kind and helpful secretary. My sister always walks out of their office with a big and beautiful smile. Radiance Orthodontics is the right place for you! (reviewed by: Korosh Jabbari rating: 5 date published: January 29, 2018)
Review # 4: I could not believe how happy my daughter was with her smile. Dr.Sam is very friendly and works wonders when working on teeth. In addition to perfect service, the staff were very welcoming and it was very easy to schedule appointments. (reviewed by: Infinite Edge rating: 5 date published: January 29, 2018)
Review # 5: Dr. sam’s office and staff is exceptional.They spoiled my kids!!It’s hard to go to any other doctor office without comparing them to Dr.sam office! you guys set the bar very high, we are incredibly impressed with your office ,Dr sam himself is excellent ,professional,clear and assuring to patients and parents,the staff is pleasant and responsive.very warm and friendly,inviting and above all full smiles! (reviewed by: Nancy Louzi rating: 5 date published: March 30, 2018)
# Business Name Address Phone Website Categories Rating
22 Geric Orthodontics 10870 Sheldon Rd, Tampa, FL 33626, USA +1 813-920-7720 http://www.gericorthodontics.com/ dentist, health, point_of_interest, establishment 5
Review # 1: We have been working with Dr Geric and his amazing team since 2002. They have treated all 3 of my children and I can not say enough positive words for our experiences over the 16 years!!! We feel like family when we walk in the door! I will miss you all!! (reviewed by: Lisa Geier rating: 5 date published: February 27, 2018)
Review # 2: Amazing experience from beginning to end. Patient, kind, fun and beyond understanding staff! Dr Geric is extremely gifted and the end result was a beautiful smile for my son. (reviewed by: Traicey Willeke rating: 5 date published: March 5, 2018)
Review # 3: Good location great service from front desk to your orthodontist. Always on point for scheduled appointments. The results of my daughter’s first phase were amazing. She was a difficult case. Best investment ever! (reviewed by: Kristine Dunleavy rating: 5 date published: December 5, 2017)
Review # 4: My son’s teeth look great and he only had to wear braces for a year. Dr. Geric is friendly and personable. The front desk staff is also very friendly and helpful. I highly recommend. (reviewed by: Jo Ann Kissel rating: 5 date published: December 14, 2017)
Review # 5: I highly recommend Geric Orthodontics. Dr. Geric is awesome. The entire staff is very welcoming & friendly. They did a great job & even finished earlier than expected. (reviewed by: Mz Z rating: 5 date published: July 11, 2017)
# Business Name Address Phone Website Categories Rating
23 Pediatric Dentistry in Tampa | McIlwain Family Dentistry & Ahrens Orthodontics 4710 N Habana Ave, Tampa, FL 33614, USA +1 813-879-8097 http://www.mcilwaindentistry.com/ dentist, doctor, health, point_of_interest, establishment 5
Review # 1: We love all of the staff at Mcilwain! Our entire family has been going to the office for over 10 years. They are always friendly and efficient so the wait time is minimal. My children love going to the dentist and I always know that our best interest is the first priority. (reviewed by: missy h rating: 5 date published: March 14, 2018)
Review # 2: We have been going to McIlwain Dentistry since 2006. I would highly recommend them to anyone!! We drive out of our way, and even pay out of network… they are just that good!! Dr. Mike, Dr. James and the ENTIRE staff is nothing but professional, kind, and always helpful about scheduling my kids on the same day! I could never say enough great things about this place! 😁 (reviewed by: Stacy Buchanan Shepherd rating: 5 date published: January 15, 2018)
Review # 3: The office staff is so friendly. The office is clean. They are always on time. It is a great experience. They are great with kids. I highly recommend McIlwain dentistry! (reviewed by: Sallie O rating: 5 date published: March 21, 2018)
Review # 4: The office staff and the dentist are wonderful. Very patient centered and knowledgeable. This is definitely a dentist for your entire family, children as well as adults. (reviewed by: R Chatman rating: 5 date published: March 14, 2018)
Review # 5: I have been bringing my children to McIlwain Dentistry since 2002. Even though we moved across the state, I continue to bring our children to their practice. It is worth the drive!!! (reviewed by: Stephen Johnson rating: 5 date published: January 24, 2018)
# Business Name Address Phone Website Categories Rating
24 Dr. Farina Amberly Dr, Tampa, FL 33647, USA +1 813-699-4478 http://farinasmiles.com/ dentist, health, point_of_interest, establishment  
# Business Name Address Phone Website Categories Rating
25 Goodnight Orthodontics 6538 Gunn Hwy, Tampa, FL 33625, USA +1 813-968-3737 http://www.goodnightortho.com/ dentist, health, point_of_interest, establishment 4.9
Review # 1: Dr. Goodnight and his team are amazing. Both my kiddos are in braces and both love all the caring friendly staff. Highly recommended!! Best Orthodontist in town. (reviewed by: Jessica VanTuinen rating: 5 date published: March 6, 2018)
Review # 2: Goodnight Orthodontics is by far the best office in the Tampa bay area! The staff is so welcoming, knowledgeable and professional. My daughter had wonderful results, so happy with Dr. Goodnight and the office! (reviewed by: Tracy Keltner rating: 5 date published: January 31, 2018)
Review # 3: My granddaughter had her braces removed today – her teeth are beautiful – thank you!!! (reviewed by: Sharon Wells rating: 5 date published: November 21, 2017)
Review # 4: The staff compliments Dr. Goodnight’s expertise in orthodontics. They are a one stop shop for you when it comes to orthodontic care. (reviewed by: Adrienne Falcone Godsell rating: 5 date published: September 27, 2017)
Review # 5: The staff is amazing and so friendly. You receive great service from the Doctor as well and he is always willing to take his time forneach patient. My kids love going and the results have been si impressive. Thanks to the staff and Doctor for always making my kids your priority when it’s their turn to be the patient. (reviewed by: Jeriany Taveras rating: 5 date published: May 6, 2017)
# Business Name Address Phone Website Categories Rating
26 Galeano Orthodontics 5222 E Fowler Ave, Tampa, FL 33617, USA +1 813-985-2826 http://www.galeanoortho.com/ dentist, health, point_of_interest, establishment 5
Review # 1: GALEANO Orthodontics is an amazing place! The staff are always super friendly, and welcoming…. I once was so insecure about my smile & teeth, Dr GALEANO did such an amazing job… if you want to perfect your smile, this is the place to come! (reviewed by: Alexis Deveaux rating: 5 date published: November 10, 2017)
Review # 2: (reviewed by: Gabriel Pascual rating: 5 date published: November 15, 2017)
Review # 3: (reviewed by: LyMaris Sm rating: 5 date published: October 10, 2017)
Review # 4: (reviewed by: Rosa Horn rating: 5 date published: November 15, 2016)
# Business Name Address Phone Website Categories Rating
27 Guzman Orthodontics 6907 W Waters Ave, Tampa, FL 33634, USA +1 813-887-5555 http://orthoguzman.com/ dentist, health, point_of_interest, establishment 5
Review # 1: Dr. Guzman is top-notch including the experience in every visit. The entire staff is welcoming, professional, and always in a merry mood. I know they truly care about their individual patients. With every progress, the staff gets excited as well. I am getting wonderful results. The best part of my visits is that they play music. It makes the environment feel good and relaxed. (reviewed by: abner collazo rating: 5 date published: February 13, 2018)
Review # 2: We love it here!!! Always clean, professional and welcoming! Absolutely tops my expectations. My 8 yr old has never been afraid which is impressive. They have high tech equipment, even a personal brush station and electronic sign in the kids are responsible for! Couldn’t ask for anything more! (reviewed by: Victoria Kidd rating: 5 date published: February 9, 2018)
Review # 3: I love my job, I love speaking with the patients that come in- calming their fears, helping them with whatever issues they may have. I enjoy catching up on my patients life and being part of their lives. I like the daily challenges that may arise in order to keep an efficent office. Dr Guzman is a really great boss. He not only cares about his patients he cares about his staff and that helps make the job even better. It is very rewarding to finally have a boss that appreciates his employees. My co-workers are easy to get along with. We are truly a family. I REALLY enjoy coming to work even on saturdays. Everyone comes in smiling and leaves smiling and it shows through our patient care. I think the most enjoyable part of the job is interacting with our patients. It is very rewarding to see all of our hard work paying off through the beautiful smiles being created one smile at a time. (reviewed by: Tasha Almodovar rating: 5 date published: January 25, 2018)
Review # 4: Ive been coming to this office for a year, I love the friendly staff they always make me laugh, the doctor is always attentive, the office is always clean, and I am attended in a timely manner. I would recommend this office to all my friends, I love coming to Guzman Orthodontics❤️ (reviewed by: yaniet aguila rating: 5 date published: February 28, 2018)
Review # 5: We love Guzman Orthodontics!! The wait time is never very long and the staff is caring! They are also flexible with my work schedule! Thanks for helping my son have a beautiful smile!! (reviewed by: Alisha Hull rating: 5 date published: February 8, 2018)
# Business Name Address Phone Website Categories Rating
28 Turke Orthodontics 3802 Ehrlich Rd #109, Tampa, FL 33624, USA +1 813-264-1435 https://turkeorthodontics.com/ dentist, health, point_of_interest, establishment 5
Review # 1: I love Dr. Turke! He cares so much about his patients and how well their progress is coming along. I felt like he cared more than I did. The staff is equally caring and friendly. Awesome experience! (reviewed by: Hannah Zupco rating: 5 date published: February 16, 2018)
Review # 2: I got braces as an adult and I didn’t want to wait 2-3 years. I told Dr. Turke I would only have them on for 1 year. He didn’t disagree with me. He just listened. Each time I came in I proclaimed that one year target goal. As we got close (about 11 1/2 months) I was getting a bit depressed. I did not want these braces on. About 1 year and 2 weeks in I had my visit and Dr. Turke proclaimed they could come off! I knew he wouldn’t say this unless he meant it. Thanks for your encouragement and care! (reviewed by: Philip Landry rating: 5 date published: November 22, 2017)
Review # 3: We had a wonderful experience with Dr. Turke. Both my son and daughter went to him. My son had traditional braces and my daughter had Invisaline. Dr. Turke was honest and gentle. The results were fantastic! I highly recommend Dr. Turke for your orthodontic needs. (reviewed by: Staci Reardon rating: 5 date published: November 22, 2017)
Review # 4: My daughter just LOVES Dr. Turke! It’s never a struggle to get her to go…ever! He is thorough and explains things in a way that she (and I) can understand. I’m thinking of braces for myself and I will only go to Dr. Turke when I finally do. (reviewed by: Susan Hirschfield rating: 5 date published: November 22, 2017)
Review # 5: Dr. Turks is such an excellent orthodontist. I became a patient of his April 2014, and he made my orthodontia experience remarkable. He is very knowledgeable in his profession, friend and professional. I was truly pleased with the outcome after my braces were removed November 2016. I would recommend him to everyone. (reviewed by: Shana Taylor rating: 5 date published: October 23, 2017)
# Business Name Address Phone Website Categories Rating
29 Orthodontic Specialists of Florida – New Tampa 17401 Commerce Park Blvd, Tampa, FL 33647, USA +1 813-615-0405 http://www.fla4braces.com/ dentist, health, point_of_interest, establishment 4.2
Review # 1: They are so welcoming and helpful. I loved it here and had a wonderful experience and would recommend it for all ages. (reviewed by: Bella Santana rating: 5 date published: April 14, 2015)
Review # 2: I could not have asked for a better Orthodontic staff…they are super friendly and experienced. (reviewed by: Ciarra Kelly rating: 5 date published: April 28, 2015)
Review # 3: They are the best!!! I am so thrilled with the results!!! I recommend them to EVERYONE!!!! (reviewed by: Michea Cherae rating: 5 date published: April 14, 2015)
Review # 4: (reviewed by: Elanie Hernandez rating: 2 date published: October 30, 2017)
# Business Name Address Phone Website Categories Rating
30 GSD Orthodontics: Dyer, Gregory DDS 3414 Handy Rd, Tampa, FL 33618, USA +1 813-963-0984 http://www.dyerstraights.com/ dentist, health, point_of_interest, establishment 5
Review # 1: I highly recommend Dr. Dyer as an orthodontist! Dr. Dyer and his office staff are always warm, welcoming and professional. Both of my children have been patients at this office and it’s always been a positive experience for us as a family. Also, the office is very clean with a beautiful tropical feeling throughout. Thank you Dr. Dyer & staff for your excellent care & expertise! (reviewed by: Jennifer Walters rating: 5 date published: November 15, 2017)
Review # 2: Dr. Dyer was my 3rd, and best Orthodontist. Being in the military, we relocated a few times during my treatment; Dr Dyer in the Tampa area being the final stop. He & his staff were always professional. It is a clean, beautiful office, & not a stuffy waiting room. I am very happy with him & wish he could have done the entire treatment. (reviewed by: TF 81 rating: 5 date published: November 7, 2017)
Review # 3: This is my favorite place! I love all the girls working there and they have always done a great job working on my teeth! Highly reccomended (reviewed by: Sam Garber rating: 5 date published: January 30, 2018)
Review # 4: Great experience, staff is great, and very impressed with end result! (reviewed by: Faxon Bissett rating: 5 date published: November 8, 2017)
Review # 5: He is always pleasant and a pleasure working with as a patient 🙂 I would highly recommend him and his office to anyone! (reviewed by: Christina Cashwell rating: 5 date published: March 1, 2017)
# Business Name Address Phone Website Categories Rating
31 Yarbrough Orthodontics, Ron Yarbrough DMD 16688 N Dale Mabry Hwy, Tampa, FL 33618, USA +1 813-749-7116 https://www.refinedsmiles.com/ dentist, doctor, health, point_of_interest, establishment 5
Review # 1: I took my son here for a consult. Dr.Yarbrough was professional and explained everything we needed. He showed us pictures of my son’s mouth and what would need to be done. The price for the treatment was very reasonable and he gave us multiple options for payment. His staff is great. I’d highly recommend this office! (reviewed by: William Yarbrough rating: 5 date published: October 28, 2017)
Review # 2: I went for a consult with Dr . Yarbrough about straightening my teeth. It was such an awesome experience that I had to leave a review so others would know. I never leave reviews, but this office and doctor are great. I would highly recommend for orthodontic work, retainers, Invisalign, and braces! You won’t be disappointed. (reviewed by: susie and mike pugh rating: 5 date published: October 26, 2017)
Review # 3: Yarborough Orthodontics is awesome! I love this office. I have 4 children, 2 with braces at this office and it is no comparison that this office is the best. Dr Yarborough will recommend the best treatment for you or your child. The staff is great. They schedule appointments properly… they value their time and their patients! A+++ I highly recommend! (reviewed by: klosier6 rating: 5 date published: August 30, 2017)
Review # 4: My experience with Dr. Yarbrough and his staff has been wonderful. Everyone is so friendly and helpful. I am currently receiving treatment and it’s been great. I can’t wait to have a perfect smile soon! I highly recommend him for anyone who needs an orthodontist. (reviewed by: Sammi Kim rating: 5 date published: July 11, 2017)
Review # 5: I love my beautiful smile! I checked with 4 other orthodontist before selecting Dr.Yarbrough as my orthodontist…he had the best price, cleanest office and nicest staff. No reason to go anywhere else. I very highly recommend this office :). Update to my review: I recently had to get new retainers because I lost my old ones and again my experience at the office was amazing. The staff is so nice and caring and Dr. Yarbrough is very professional. I was in and out in a timely manner. They are definitely the best team in town. (reviewed by: Angelica Osorio rating: 5 date published: February 22, 2017)
# Business Name Address Phone Website Categories Rating
32 Johnson Orthodontics 14859 N Dale Mabry Hwy, Tampa, FL 33618, USA +1 813-964-0828 http://www.johnsonorthodontics.com/ dentist, health, point_of_interest, establishment 5
Review # 1: The Johnson Orthodontics team is always friendly and inviting. They do amazing work and I would recommend them to anyone. (reviewed by: Doug Clark rating: 5 date published: January 23, 2018)
Review # 2: (reviewed by: Matthew Geiser rating: 5 date published: April 26, 2017)
Review # 3: (reviewed by: Bethany Clark rating: 5 date published: March 2, 2017)
# Business Name Address Phone Website Categories Rating
33 Florida Orthodontic Institute: Leo Chin D.M.D, D.D.S, M.S. 5020 Gunn Hwy, Tampa, FL 33624, USA +1 813-264-7006 http://www.floridaorthodontic.com/ dentist, health, point_of_interest, establishment 2.5
Review # 1: I’ve put both of my girls in braces at Dr. Chins office. They seriously OVERBOOK daily, making the wait time extremely long, plan an 1.5hours+ per visit before they even call your child for the first time. (They all have to be called twice, once to see the nurse so she can change wires, then they wait for the doctor to look at them) The office is filthy and rundown, they dont encourage good hygiene, and worst of all they basically STOLE a cash payment I made to them to pay off my daughters braces, they provided a receipt which they are now saying is invalid after saying at her last visit it was theirs, it doesn’t matter that my mom was present when i made the payment, they are refusing to do anything, forcing us to REPAY $350 or they won’t remove her braces. Never in my life have I disliked a doctor more. I do NOT recommend this doctors office, my experience from start to finish has been one massive headache after another. Save your time, teeth and wallet and find a good doctor. (reviewed by: faith prue rating: 1 date published: April 3, 2018)
Review # 2: They should’ve explained the dental teeth cleaning procedures! I didn’t know you’re suppose to take the wires off 👎👎👎 (reviewed by: Dopeumji XD rating: 1 date published: October 17, 2017)
Review # 3: He is extremely rude! Definitely never go to the Plant City location, it is disgusting! Always overbooked patients, wait can be hours! I have no idea how long my son will be in braces, no one knows anything ! (reviewed by: Diona Wheeler rating: 1 date published: March 28, 2017)
Review # 4: Please never go to this orthodontist! You will waste your money and time to get back worse of what you had and a bloody mouth. 4 years of pain I never had to go through because my teeth were perfectly fine, yet I had no choice in the matter and wasn’t allowed to refuse treatment due to being a minor at the time. Shaved my enamel off to “make room”. Well there would be room if you stopped pushing my teeth together! Long story short, my jaw is forced backwards whenever I touch my teeth together, my teeth go in every which way direction; up down sideways turned lower higher twisted you name it. And now I’m having extreme sensitivity with, guess what? Those teeth that the enamel was shaved off of. No doubt I will end up losing teeth to this man. Never once did he touch my mouth and I walked away without spitting up blood for 5 minutes straight. (reviewed by: Undyin4Memes rating: 1 date published: June 15, 2016)
Review # 5: (reviewed by: Brielle Prue rating: 1 date published: January 28, 2018)
# Business Name Address Phone Website Categories Rating
34 Bivens Orthodontics 12904 Race Track Rd, Tampa, FL 33626, USA +1 813-443-5050 http://www.bivensortho.com/ dentist, health, point_of_interest, establishment 5
Review # 1: Dr Bivens did the most amazing job with my Invisalign and I am beyond excited with the results! He is extremely detailed with his work and I would highly recommend him to anyone! The entire process was so smooth from start to finish! He and his staff are amazing! Amazing Dr, amazing staff and beautiful office , its the full package! (reviewed by: Jackie Bernard rating: 5 date published: March 22, 2018)
Review # 2: Staff was very friendly, Liked the extra touch for the first visit by having a welcome sign with my name on it greeting me at the desk. Very professional, and room are open so you don’t feel like your in a closet during the exam. T-Shirt was a nice plus. (reviewed by: Joe Sciortino rating: 5 date published: January 24, 2018)
Review # 3: Both of my kids love Bivens Orthodontics! The office is very impressive and the staff are all very warm and friendly. Highly recommend Dr. Bivens for your family’s orthodontic needs! (reviewed by: Lacey Speiser rating: 5 date published: February 12, 2018)
Review # 4: No corners are cut to give you the fastest, perfect smile possible. The staff goes above and beyond, all are knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. Don’t waste your time, choose Bivens. (: My teeth look and feel the world’s difference. (reviewed by: Courtney Harber rating: 5 date published: January 10, 2018)
Review # 5: 1st time coming to the office. after my horrible experience with my last ortho. I’m happy to say I trust Dr. Bivens to complete my treatment. They have great prices and provide amazing customer service cannot wait until my invisalign comes in (reviewed by: Francesca Moreno rating: 5 date published: February 9, 2018)
# Business Name Address Phone Website Categories Rating
35 Greenberg Dental & Orthodontics 10041 West Hillsborough Avenue, Tampa, FL 33617, United States +1 813-235-0957 http://www.greenbergdental.com/offices/town-n-country dentist, doctor, health, point_of_interest, establishment 2.1
Review # 1: Sincerely PATHETIC …. What my 14yr old & myself have had to endure over the last year is straight up INCOMPETENCE ! I will add from my very first visit for my son’s braces. Well let’s just say after confirming an appointment.. Less than 5 blocks away i get a call from them to cancel the appointment.. Gave me some script that they “FORGOT” the dr was at a Dental Conference…. There is LESS than No professionalism what so ever with the ladies who work in the office. This has become such a sincere nightmare for both my son & myself. Please AVOID like the Plague !!!! (reviewed by: MIKE JONES rating: 1 date published: March 28, 2018)
Review # 2: Visited this dentistry about 2 years ago, 2016. The staff including the Receptionist and the male dentist who saw me, were both unwelcoming. The dentist who saw me, came into the exam room, yet did not even introduce himself, he just went right into his dentist spill of what he felt I needed done. I felt like they were not empathetic, that they were unconcerned. When I was done with my evaluation appointment, about to leave out, I decided to ask the Receptionist some questions about the office and questions about the dentists’ experiences/how long the dentists worked there, if she trusted their work, etc., she answered, but was short with her answers. Did not even offer me to take an appointment card/business card. The End. (reviewed by: V Bailey rating: 2 date published: February 20, 2018)
Review # 3: They are really great. I love them . They are making braces affordable for me to be able to get for my son. No other orthodontist would work with me and my son’s teeth are severely crowded and he needs braces very badly. Every other dentist has so much money down and your credit has to be perfect. My son’s braces are not cosmetic they are necessary for him to be healthy. His bite is all off. Greenberg Dental are the best and they work with you with payments and because of them my son’s teeth are being fixed. Thank you so much!!! (reviewed by: Mary GRASSO rating: 5 date published: October 9, 2016)
Review # 4: This is by far the WORST dental place EVER!!!! I went and got 4 cavities filled and all times, there was only one dentist and one assistance! When I went to get my bottom fillings, the dentist complained that he needed another assistant because that only assistant was the other another client. Yesterday I had an appointment for one of my molars that they filled due to sensitivity, that I made on MONDAY, they called at around 4 to ask if I had braces when they knew I did. They then told me that my sensitivity comes from my braces and I told them it didn’t because it happens when I bite down and when I gargle listerine, she tells “Oh ok well you can come early” I told the lady that I didn’t get off until 5. How about they call me 2 minutes prior to my appointment to ask if I had my wires on and that I would be going to waste my time was what the aaaistant said. This is a POOR excuse of a dentist!! DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR TIME AND MONEY! They are HORRIBLE!! (reviewed by: Vanessa Lopez rating: 1 date published: May 11, 2017)
Review # 5: walked in 20 min early for my appt. they said just sit down and they will call you. never filled out paperwork, didnt ask my name. sat over an hour. went to the desk to ask how much longer and she said for what?i said a consultation. i said i had 11:00 appt been here since 1040 and its now 12. she said well did you check in when you came in? i said she told me to sit down. she said well there isnt a dr here today. really? no dr? and 5 people just went in before me. why make an appt and let me sit there and then tell me there is no dr. so they took me in did xray and i was able to speak with the dr. that supposedly wasnt there. will not be back. very unprofessional. (reviewed by: HEIDI STARLING rating: 2 date published: March 8, 2017)
# Business Name Address Phone Website Categories Rating
36 James B. Hodge III, D.D.S. 1904 S Dale Mabry Hwy, Tampa, FL 33629, USA +1 855-272-2374 http://www.florida4braces.com/ dentist, health, point_of_interest, establishment  
# Business Name Address Phone Website Categories Rating
37 Orthodontic Specialists of Florida North Tampa Carrollwood 13129 N Dale Mabry Hwy h, Tampa, FL 33618, USA +1 813-960-8400 http://www.fla4braces.com/ dentist, health, point_of_interest, establishment 4.5
Review # 1: I love treating me in this orthodontic. He treats me super well. They are beautiful with me. (reviewed by: Dylaishka Martínez rating: 5 date published: December 28, 2017)
Review # 2: My daughter started at this office, I had to problem transferring her to another office and then back to this office. Staff is always friendly and made payments for her braces. They worked with me until the end.. I would definitely recommend this office or any other office for service.. (reviewed by: Mulan Saint Louis rating: 4 date published: December 11, 2017)
Review # 3: Best STAFF and Dentist… Staff is AWESOME and very friendly! Highly Recommend… Salvy Urso (reviewed by: sal urso rating: 5 date published: November 29, 2017)
Review # 4: Very helpful staff! Responsive and friendly! (reviewed by: Susan Horan rating: 5 date published: March 21, 2018)
Review # 5: The staff is friendly, flexible with scheduling, helpful, understanding and will work with you. I love their realistic approach to correcting the problem. My Florida Ortho!!! (reviewed by: Purtyhazel rating: 5 date published: August 23, 2017)
# Business Name Address Phone Website Categories Rating
38 Greenberg Dental & Orthodontics 234 E Bearss Ave, Tampa, FL 33613, USA +1 813-337-6353 http://www.greenbergdental.com/offices/bearss dentist, doctor, health, point_of_interest, establishment 3.9
Review # 1: Dr Ngo is really friendly, though also straightforward, and all the assistants are pleasant and polite as well. I normally don’t like going to the dentist, but I had no issues here. 🙂 (reviewed by: Adrienne DeLuca rating: 5 date published: August 20, 2017)
Review # 2: I usually hate the dentist but I had an awesome experience here! Very clean and quick, I was in and out within minutes, thank you. (reviewed by: Michael Zaranskirating: 5 date published: May 15, 2017)
Review # 3: I love this office and my kids do to😁 (reviewed by: Ada Negron rating: 5 date published: September 26, 2017)
Review # 4: Awful. I would compare to a butcher shop, but that would be unfair to butchers. (reviewed by: Lisa Ann Smith rating: 1 date published: September 23, 2017)
Review # 5: The doctor and staff are so nice! Office is super clean! They made me feel very comfortable! I highly recommend this dentist!! (reviewed by: Ash mu rating: 5 date published: July 22, 2016)
# Business Name Address Phone Website Categories Rating
39 Devito Orthodontics: De Vito Michael J DDS 12552 Race Track Rd, Tampa, FL 33626, USA +1 813-814-9300 http://www.devitoorthodontics.com/ dentist, health, point_of_interest, establishment  
# Business Name Address Phone Website Categories Rating
40 Rushing Orthodontics: Rushing Emma M DDS 13301 Dale Mabry Hwy # G, Tampa, FL 33618, USA +1 813-962-3333 http://www.rushingortho.com/ dentist, health, point_of_interest, establishment 5
Review # 1: Wow what an incredible person. Dr. Rushing reputation stands on her own bur she is also a daughter of a world renowned Craional facial orthodontist, it’s in her blood. With all this experience you would expect to pay an arm and a leg, right? NO her quote with her prepayment discount was less than 1/2 Blue Wave Ortho’s regular price YES 1/2!!!!! (reviewed by: Anthony Gaeto rating: 5 date published: March 13, 2018)
Review # 2: I love this office! From Rosemarie at the front desk, to the lovely assistant that had been with Dr Rushing for 10 years, to Dr Rushing herself. A relaxed, professional, inviting atmosphere. Very knowledgeable and confident doctor that I trust my sons orthodontic treatment with. So happy I was referred to this office! (reviewed by: Daniella Miller rating: 5 date published: March 9, 2017)
Review # 3: This is a nice small practice. Dr. Rushing is very patient and will take the time to answer all of your questions. Her staff and appt hours are very easy to work with. (reviewed by: A Google User rating: 5 date published: March 31, 2008)
Review # 4: Great place, great office staff ! (reviewed by: A Google User rating: 5 date published: February 28, 2011)
Review # 5: (reviewed by: Anne Winograd rating: 5 date published: October 6, 2016)
# Business Name Address Phone Website Categories Rating
41 Greenberg Dental & Orthodontics 12030 Anderson Rd, Tampa, FL 33625, USA +1 813-381-5646 http://www.greenbergdental.com/offices/gunn/ dentist, doctor, health, point_of_interest, establishment 2.5
Review # 1: So unprofessional! Said my daughter could come in after a painful bump appeared on her gums. After arriving a front desk lady who could was unintelligible, asked her age then went to talk with dentist. She then came back out to tell me she was too young to be seen!!!! You could have asked on the phone! Doc didn’t even come and talk to me like a man. Coward and weak. Who doesn’t even show concern for a child in pain? STAY FAR AWAY FROM THIS PLACE!!!! (reviewed by: WadeWilliamsmusic rating: 1 date published: December 19, 2016)
Review # 2: Wow! Tried to get an appointment changed and no one would call me back. Went up to schedule in person and while one of the three women behind the counter was helping someone the other two were playing on their phones. I asked one if they could help me and she said the one girl could help me when she was done with her customer. I wonder if the owner knows they pay these women to play on their phones. (reviewed by: maurice brother rating: 1 date published: January 24, 2017)
Review # 3: I took my kids there for regular cleaning.This was my 1st visit and doctor never came and introduce him or her self. They just brushed my kids teeth and told them to go. This is the far worse dentist office experience i had. The doctors and office staffs are very unprofessional. No one have any idea what they are doing. The whole thing is a joke!!!! I give them zero star (reviewed by: Darshana Gandhi rating: 1 date published: April 14, 2016)
Review # 4: A Dental learning Center. Stay Away. I am no the kind of person whom like to write a bad review or complain easily. In fact I have been in that office 4 times before (giving them the benefit of doubt). And since 2004 our whole family had been using the office in Winter Park Fl, before moving to Tampa. Unfortunately, the good experience we had using the office in Winter Park and DR. Katsur DDS, collapse during our visits to the office in Gunn and Anderson, Tampa. The staff in this office changes very often, As a matter of fact, every time we have an appointment, everybody is new, inexperienced and unprofessional, from the front desk staff to the Dr. Dr. Clay Alviani was very rude and unprofessional. He failed to introduce himself and wanted to perform an exam without considering my request. During prior visits, I always had my gum numbed since the very beginning. HE REFUSED to use a topical anesthetic in my sensitive gum. To the point where I had to decline his services. Its really painful. Let me make one more thing very clear, so you can make an educated decision about this place.( In case that someone think that the quality of service is equal to the money paid for the service). It do not matter what insurance you have or how much money you have. My family have a GREAT dental and medical insurance and still the service was horrible. Stay away from this office. We will. Dr. Clay Alviani at Gunn and Anderson office, is destroying all the reputation that Dr. Justin J Katsur DDS has created for Greenberg Dental. (reviewed by: Abel G rating: 1 date published: January 12, 2017)
Review # 5: Twice, a “miscommunication error” had me take children out of school for an erroneous appointment. Very unprofessional! (reviewed by: Y PLUESS rating: 1 date published: May 26, 2016)
# Business Name Address Phone Website Categories Rating
42 Dr. Sharon J. Durrett, DMD 3643, 11908 Sheldon Rd, Tampa, FL 33626, United States +1 813-920-1935 http://www.durrettorthodontics.com/ dentist, health, point_of_interest, establishment 4.9
Review # 1: Every time I walk in the office, i feel like I’m with family. My daughter is very comfortable and they include her in the plan of care. As a parent they walked me through the financial options with honesty and compassion. Every visit goes smooth and they are on time. Awesome care. (reviewed by: Serena Huggins rating: 5 date published: January 30, 2018)
Review # 2: Dr. Durrett was amazing with my son. She and her staff put him completely at ease throughout the entire process. The staff and office made us feel like family, I couldn’t recommend her more! (reviewed by: Dave Jordan rating: 5 date published: February 24, 2018)
Review # 3: This office is excellent. The staff are all super friendly, efficient and accommodating. Getting braces can be a scary thing, but Dr. Durrett and her team have put me and my son completely at ease with every visit. (reviewed by: Stephanie Randall rating: 5 date published: February 25, 2018)
Review # 4: My Son has been a patient for years. He just finished his treatment and we can not be happier. The staff is great. They go above and beyond for the patient. I highly recommend Dr. Durette she is simply amazing. (reviewed by: cruz ceino rating: 5 date published: January 30, 2018)
Review # 5: My visit with Dr. Durrett and her staff was excellent. They are friendly and very eager to answer any questions you have. I would recommend her services to anyone. They work with your schedule and inform you of every process along the way. I am very happy with Dr. Durrett and her staff. (reviewed by: Z A rating: 5 date published: January 30, 2018)
# Business Name Address Phone Website Categories Rating
43 Farina Orthodontics 4726 N Habana Ave #102, Tampa, FL 33614, USA +1 813-877-5511 http://farinasmiles.com/ dentist, health, point_of_interest, establishment 5
Review # 1: What an AWESOME time I experienced at the office of Dr. Farina on 10/16/17 (the Amberly Dr. Office). The environment is open and friendly and very calming. I have always been terrified of the dentist due to the very sharp instruments needed to probe my pearly whites. This time I did not hesitate to be examined my nerves were in tact and heart was not beating fast. But, what I enjoyed most was the conversation with Dr. Farina and Jan. It was all about what I desired and what plan of action do I want to take to achieve a much more beautiful smile. Thanks to the entire Farina Family of Orthodontics, I am looking forward to my journey and seeing the results. (reviewed by: Catalina Thomas rating: 5 date published: October 25, 2017)
Review # 2: I just received my braces and it was very quick and painless. Everyone was very nice and helpful. (reviewed by: Andrea Gonzalez rating: 5 date published: March 1, 2018)
Review # 3: Was very happy with the detailed information that was given to my daughter as it was her first time getting braces. (reviewed by: Suyen Chan rating: 5 date published: March 1, 2018)
Review # 4: Very friendly, informative and knowledgeable. Lots of smile from the staff and doctor, which is comforting to patients. (reviewed by: Giovanni Pierce rating: 5 date published: March 5, 2018)
Review # 5: Friendly staff!!! Dr is so nice and efficient!!! I so recommend this place! (reviewed by: Jessica Barquero rating: 5 date published: March 1, 2018)
# Business Name Address Phone Website Categories Rating
44 Butchart Orthodontics Westchase 13053 W Linebaugh Ave #101, Tampa, FL 33626, USA +1 813-925-9790 http://www.orthodontistwestchase.com/ dentist, health, point_of_interest, establishment 5
Review # 1: Great Doctor and staff! Dr. Butchart and Amanda took care of me the whole time and now I have great teeth! This place has changed my life! Thank you! (reviewed by: scott plichta rating: 5 date published: February 22, 2018)
Review # 2: Excellent customer service. On-time appointments; professional. The end result is better then we expected. The office location is so nice and easy to get to the in Westchase area. (reviewed by: Kayla Madison rating: 5 date published: February 21, 2018)
Review # 3: We had an amazing experience. The treatment took 2.5 years and every visit was great experience. The staff was always helpful and nice. My daughter has a beautiful smile 😁 (reviewed by: Ana Santos rating: 5 date published: February 27, 2018)
Review # 4: Excelente customer service and very friendly staff. Appointments are on time, I’d never had to wait to be seen by the doctor, overall I had a great experience and also I got my son started with the braces treatment since I already finished my treatment. I love how my teeth look now, they are perfect thanks to Butchards Orthodontist. (reviewed by: Viviana White rating: 5 date published: March 13, 2018)
Review # 5: Enjoy the staff and everyone’s nice. My teeth are coming out very nice. I’m very happy with the progress. (reviewed by: kayla andrews rating: 5 date published: February 22, 2018)
# Business Name Address Phone Website Categories Rating
45 TLC Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics 6532 Gunn Hwy, Tampa, FL 33625, USA +1 813-969-0999 http://www.tlcforkidz.com/ dentist, doctor, health, point_of_interest, establishment 4.5
Review # 1: I moved from Savannah, GA a few months ago and needed a dentist for my two year old. I tried out TLC since it is right next door to my daughters Pediatrician. I was pleasantly greeted by the staff and the doctor. As a new parent I know how overwhelming it can be to find the right fit for your kids. My daughter did great and the staff was more than patient with her (special thanks to Jackie for taking such good care of us). Most of all I like that the most important thing to the doctor is that my daughter felt comfortable and not scared. He like to build the relationship with young patients this way they do not fear going to the dentist every 6 months. I highly recommend TLC Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics! (reviewed by: Chantelle Pineda rating: 5 date published: March 26, 2018)
Review # 2: Wow this place is amazing. I’ve never found a better dental office for my son and actually would like to transfer my other daughter to TLC Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics, they keep it calm and comfortable for the kids as far as the art on the walls and the 2 different languages they make it fun and make you feel like at home and reward for good teeth care. Everyone is always so helpful and caring appointment on time didn’t have no problem with schedules. Grate prices. Vivian was the best assistant took very care of my child and was really helpful and so nice. Just wow everything is wonderful I would highly recommend to anyone best dental office for our children. (reviewed by: Dayana Rubio rating: 5 date published: February 7, 2018)
Review # 3: This place is amazing !!! all the staff is incredible!!!!! I highly recommend this place. I have three children, one has autism and they found a way to make him feel comfortable. I love this place! All the ladies are very kind and sweet but I have to mention three in particular that were the ones that worked with my children. yulie, Vivian and Monica. thanks for everything! (reviewed by: Johan Rodriguez rating: 5 date published: April 2, 2018)
Review # 4: The staff was very friendly. Dr. San Juan was very patient with my 2 yr old and gave me the proper education regarding my daughter’s thumb sucking habit. TLC Pediatric Dentistry set the stage for my daughter to become comfortable with the dentist and develop lifelong healthy mouth habits. I will continue to utilize their services even though they are out of network with my hmo. (reviewed by: Paige Edwards rating: 5 date published: March 29, 2018)
Review # 5: I just happen to find this place because it’s right next to my daughters pediatric office. I’ve never found a better dental office for my daughter, they keep it calm and comfortable for the kids as far as the art on the walls and different Themes, they make it fun and reward for good teeth care. Everyone is always so helpful and caring. Never have a problem with schedules. I would recommend to anyone 100%. (reviewed by: Ashton Weismann rating: 5 date published: February 7, 2018)
# Business Name Address Phone Website Categories Rating
46 Rowe Michael w DDS 5121 Ehrlich Rd # 110B, Tampa, FL 33624, USA +1 813-968-9641 https://www.drroweortho.com/ dentist, health, point_of_interest, establishment 4.6
Review # 1: Dr. Rowe is a phenomenal orthodontist. He builds a great relationship with his patients and make sure you receive outstanding service. The compliments I receive regarding my clear brackets braces are remarkable. (reviewed by: Stacy Tucker rating: 5 date published: September 13, 2017)
Review # 2: Best orthodontist in tampa bay! (reviewed by: ingrid avila rating: 5 date published: February 24, 2018)
Review # 3: They sucks I’m in the process to sueing dr. Rowe. They messing up my tooth (reviewed by: Zoe Blood rating: 1 date published: May 22, 2017)
Review # 4: Excellent ortho! I’ve been taking my son to Dr. Rowe for a year now. Staff is knowledgable, helpful and kind. Dr. Rowe makes sure he takes care of his patients. Would highly recommend him for braces. (reviewed by: Tony Williams rating: 5 date published: January 5, 2016)
Review # 5: Best DDS in the country! Love Dr. Rowe. (reviewed by: Bridgett Crews rating: 5 date published: June 14, 2016)
# Business Name Address Phone Website Categories Rating
47 Worthington Julie DDS 3640 Madaca Ln, Tampa, FL 33618, USA +1 813-968-4040 http://www.worthingtonortho.com/ dentist, health, point_of_interest, establishment 5
Review # 1: Clean office with friendly staff. Dra explain everything easy and with lots of details .. (reviewed by: Amanda Castro rating: 5 date published: November 13, 2017)
Review # 2: Dr. Worthington has a good “chair side” manner with both parents and patients. I appreciated that she was not overly eager to begin treatment when I first brought my son in for evaluation, preferring instead to keep an eye on things and begin when most of his adult teeth were in place. Her office manager, Heather, has always been on top of things and responds quickly when we have a need or a question. All the staff is great. We highly recommend them! (reviewed by: Jenni Keiter rating: 5 date published: April 2, 2015)
Review # 3: (reviewed by: Julie Gifford rating: 5 date published: February 7, 2018)
Review # 4: (reviewed by: Jennifer King rating: 5 date published: December 19, 2017)
Review # 5: (reviewed by: Stephanie Lamothe rating: 5 date published: October 20, 2016)
# Business Name Address Phone Website Categories Rating
48 Perret Jr Gerard a DDS 15283 Amberly Dr, Tampa, FL 33647, USA +1 813-877-6453 http://www.smilenewtampa.com/ dentist, health, point_of_interest, establishment 5
Review # 1: Our experience at Dr. Perret’s office has been exceptional. It is always easy to book appointments, and the receptionist and staff are friendly and accommodating. Wait times are short and we are always in and out quickly. Dr. Perret is extremely knowledgable, professional and honest. My daughter recently had her braces removed and her teeth are beautiful. I highly recommend Dr. Perret’s practice if you are looking for a wonderful orthodontist! (reviewed by: Sharon Samsock rating: 5 date published: November 1, 2014)
# Business Name Address Phone Website Categories Rating
49 Michael J Ruelf DDS 1308 W Fletcher Ave, Tampa, FL 33612, USA +1 813-264-6000 http://www.toothengineering.com/ dentist, doctor, health, point_of_interest, establishment 4.5
Review # 1: My kids love this place!!! Always clean and very beautifully laid out with the train engineer theme. The nurses there are friendly they always welcome me with a smile. The wait time is very good and the children are taken back fast. The children look forward to the free arcade games in there game room. Also extra fo the kids the treasure box is like a pot of gold to them. Very professional and welcoming. I would definitely recommend his pediatric dentist to anyone. 👍 (reviewed by: Keep Smilingrating: 5 date published: March 20, 2018)
Review # 2: If your child can not do the x-rays they are not allowed to have their teeth cleaned. They only make one attempt to get your child to do X-rays if they can’t they have to reschedule you and you have to come back. The staff are unfriendly and do not smile at all. If your children are under the age of 10 I suggest you don’t bring them here. I was initially attracted to this dentist because of the Train theme. They have a train set with no trains most of their video games don’t work. The bench the parents have to sit on are hardwood. Imagine sitting on a hardwood bench for an hour or longer totally uncomfortable. This place is all about money they don’t care about your child’s well-being. And I assure you they could care less about your feelings. (reviewed by: Sarah York rating: 1 date published: December 6, 2017)
Review # 3: My kids (boy 11 y/o, girl 9 y/o and boy 7 y/o) and I absolutely love Dr Ruelf and his staff. Been going there for years and we are always treated like family. I made a comment to Dr. Ruelf about how nice it would be to have free WiFi and the next time I took my kids to an appt they had actually gotten WiFi for us. I couldn’t believe that he went to the trouble and possibly extra expense just to please a patients parent. I highly recommend them and most importantly my kids highly recommend them too. Keep up the great job guys ❤ (reviewed by: Evelinda Colon rating: 5 date published: March 15, 2018)
Review # 4: Takes Sunshine Health, but parents are not allowed with their kids. No way. Who knows what they are or are not doing with your child. I refuse to let my child see any medical professional without supervision. They could say they cleaned her teeth or gave her a filling but not do anything or do something totally different. Children cannot advocate for themselves this is why having a parent be in the room with them is essential! AVOID! (reviewed by: Lily sizzling rating: 1 date published: January 22, 2018)
Review # 5: Tooth Engineering is the best place to take your child for dental care . The staff are so nice very clean and well kept. The game room is awesome. A lil far out from where I stay but well worth it ! 👍🏼👍🏼 (reviewed by: Garcia Garcia rating: 5 date published: November 16, 2017)
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50 Coast Dental 19048 Bruce B Downs Blvd, Tampa, FL 33647, USA +1 813-972-1201 https://www.coastdental.com/dentist-office/tampa-fl-33647 dentist, doctor, health, point_of_interest, establishment 4.3
Review # 1: Seriously don’t waste your time at this place when there are plenty of other capable dentist office’s in the area. I am not even a patient here, the family I nanny for takes their kids here and it has ALWAYS been an issue over the past 3 years. Between scheduling problems, waiting over an hour for appointments, and the rude and incapable office staff this place should be shut down. And to top it all off, this happens today. Some background: I have taken the kids to numerous dentist appointments at this office over the last 3 years and sat in the waiting room while they were seen….NEVER been an issue before. All of the sudden, there is some new rule that the parent has to be present before a child can be seen. Since I am not his parent, they wouldn’t see him. The lady at the front was so rude and just kept talking over me and repeating over me “its a law in the state of FLORIDA!! A LAW!” Then she shoved some paperwork in my face telling me to get this notarized so next time I can take the kids to their appointments. Notarized? Are you insane? The kid is getting a dental cleaning not open heart surgery! So then to make things even better, the lady at the front desk then tells me since his mom is on her way to the office that they will see him now, but then the hygienist comes out and says “we are going to wait until his mom is here until we see him”. Thanks for the clarification?! So confusing. Then… their mom shows up. She asked to see the statute of this “Florida law” they are claiming to abide by, and first they tell her we don’t have it anywhere in the office. She insisted, and then they had the audacity to tell her to “google it.” So extremely rude!!! If this office wants to be so nit picky about the rules, they should FIRST know what law they are even enforcing and they should actually educate the parents, because the kid’s mom who I work for had no idea this would be an issue…. I know for sure I will never be coming here myself for dental work. I’d rather eat glass. (reviewed by: Sarah Shahady rating: 1 date published: March 8, 2018)
Review # 2: If I could give this place 0 stars, I would. The dentists are knowledgeable, but the staff and scheduling at this place makes it unbearable. After scheduling a cleaning three months out, I get called two days before and told they have to cancel my appointment. Their next offer is for an appointment 6 weeks later in the middle of the day. I declined and then called to reschedule and they didn’t have anything for an additional 3 months. The staff was extremely rude and not helpful in trying to work with me to find a time that worked for my schedule and had availability. I gave her the option of any morning or anything in the late afternoon and her response was I have 2pm or noon. That’s it. Very unprofessional and I am gladly moving to a different office that has availability and seems to care about their patients. (reviewed by: Nick K rating: 1 date published: January 24, 2018)
Review # 3: They were really professional and nice. Dr Ghabbour took his time and explain all my options to me. Lisa was excellent and friendly. I will recommend them (reviewed by: Ishmael Acquah rating: 5 date published: March 21, 2018)
Review # 4: Came here with my mom. Once they took her to the back to do X rays the staff was making fun of her. The dentist took a long time and she said he seen her for a few seconds not explaining much about the treatment. then the nurse came in and gave her a big bill. She had to go somewhere else to get a second opinion. She got a much smaller bill. A lot of the services they said she needed were not. She only needed 2 fillings and a cleaning. They made it hard for her and she had to pay out pocket to see a real profesional (reviewed by: Steve Hoffman rating: 1 date published: January 22, 2018)
Review # 5: Dr. Ghabbour and all of his staff are fantastic. Kept things light and probably the most fun Ive ever had at the dentist. Dr. G has a great sense of humor that helps make things more bearable while getting work done (reviewed by: Casandra Tillis rating: 5 date published: February 22, 2018)
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51 Greenberg Dental & Orthodontics 8851 N 56th St, Temple Terrace, FL 33617, USA +1 813-381-5628 http://www.greenbergdental.com/offices/temple-terrace/ dentist, doctor, health, point_of_interest, establishment 2.1
Review # 1: This facility is very unprofessional, I had an early morning appointment on 2/1/18 and was contacted by the office multiple times to verify my insurance. Once I arrived I was told that they have to reschedule my cleaning because the doctor won’t be there until later in the afternoon. I got reschedule for 6pm that same day, however when I went back for my appointment the doors were locked and no one was there. I did not receive a call from anyone informing me that the appointment needs to be rescheduled. After two days of not receiving a call I finally decided to call to see if maybe their time changed and they just closed early. I called and spoke to a lady and she said that they close at 7pm. I then informed her of what happen and she said that she called everyone that day, LIES… NO ONE CALLED. Even the on call personals informed me that day that they were not aware of them closing early. Please save your time and find a different facility. If you don’t care about professionalism or respect then this place will be fine for you. One pro the staff is nice. (reviewed by: lisa rodney rating: 1 date published: February 8, 2018)
Review # 2: Busy office, but what medical office do you know that you don’t have to wait at? Super nice staff! Front desk is amazing, especially Jasmine. She takes care of you as much as possible. Overall, great experience! (reviewed by: Dede Russell rating: 5 date published: January 23, 2018)
Review # 3: An awesome office and team. Dr. Jasen Genninger is an AMAZING Dentist! He did all my work and my kids…..couldn’t ask for a better doctor!!!! 😁 (reviewed by: Cortney Genco rating: 5 date published: January 23, 2018)
Review # 4: Front desk staff was very rude, and unorganized. If that is what I see when I walk through the door is rude workers I walk out and that is what I did! I will not spend my hard earned money on foolishness! Never even see the dentist if he or she allows this to continue than they should be out of practice! (reviewed by: Ashley Blackmonrating: 1 date published: January 9, 2018)
Review # 5: My child had an awesome time. He was scared at first but felt very comfortable and thought it was cool being at your dental facility. (reviewed by: Kimberly johnrating: 5 date published: December 15, 2017)
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52 Florida Association of Ortha 13402 Bruce B Downs Blvd, Tampa, FL 33612, USA +1 813-903-8811   dentist, health, point_of_interest, establishment  
# Business Name Address Phone Website Categories Rating
53 Tim Tellios DMD PA 4714 N Armenia Ave #102, Tampa, FL 33603, USA +1 813-876-1200   dentist, health, point_of_interest, establishment 5
Review # 1: I’ve been seeing Dr. Tellios and his wonderful staff for 8+ years and I have recommended them to all of my friends. His Tampa office is immaculate and they are always up-to-date with the latest technology and procedures. Where else can you enjoy televisions mounted on the ceiling during your visit? Dr. Tellios cares for his patients and is brilliant at his job … ‘going to the dentist’ is never a bad thing. A+! (reviewed by: A Google User rating: 5 date published: August 3, 2008)
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54 Dr. Duga, Dr. Feeney & Associates Pediatric Dentistry 15293 Amberly Dr, Tampa, FL 33647, USA +1 813-631-1100 http://www.drdugadrfeeney.com/ dentist, doctor, health, point_of_interest, establishment 4.9
Review # 1: Dr Duga is fantastic, the staff is very patient and kid friendly. Great care and expertise. Glad I chose this dentristry. Strongly recommend! (reviewed by: Osmar Fierro rating: 5 date published: March 9, 2018)
Review # 2: Dr. Duga is a great pediatric dentist! We have nothing but great things to say about him and Dr. Feeney and their whole staff!!! It’s always a pleasure to visit. All our questions are answered. We never feel pressured into any treatments. The treatment plans are discussed with the utmost respect for us. We had a minor dental emergency on a Friday night before Christmas. I left a message with their service and got a call back from Dr. Duga within minutes. He answered all our questions, even remembered the tooth that was in question. He left us his cell phone number too. We are SO THANKFUL!!! (reviewed by: Anna Abraham rating: 5 date published: January 10, 2018)
Review # 3: Excellent and caring staff!! Dr. Duga is the only dentist my sons know. We have been with him for 20 years. My oldest is in graduate school now .. my youngest is 11. Good dental care is very important to me. My sons go to the office every four months for cleanings. My sister brings her sons to Dr. Duga too. This is the best pediatric dentist office in Tampa. (reviewed by: Venom Waterdragon rating: 5 date published: November 9, 2017)
Review # 4: This dentist office is the most incredible experience for kids! Dr. Duga is like no other dentist out there. His love for children is evident in his smile. He never forgets a patient’s name & always makes my kids feel like they’re #1. The staff is wonderful & you never have to wait! We’ve been going here for about 16 years & we love this place!! (reviewed by: Kale VS Logan rating: 5 date published: August 17, 2017)
Review # 5: Drs. Duga and Feeney are the best. I work with children and I know how important it is to treat kids in a way that is fun and professional. Drs. Duga and Feeney are excellent at this. I trust their care. My kids actually look forward to going to the dentist. (reviewed by: Nathan Bonilla-Warford rating: 5 date published: October 5, 2017)
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55 Albert Family Orthodontics 2445 Tampa Rd, Palm Harbor, FL 34683, USA +1 727-781-7475 http://www.albertfamilyortho.com/ dentist, health, point_of_interest, establishment 4.9
Review # 1: the office members are all so nice and always willing to answer any questions you might have. I’ve been to other orthodontists in my life but this one’s the best (reviewed by: Noelle Matthias rating: 5 date published: March 6, 2018)
Review # 2: Albert Orthodontics has made the process of having my Invisalign so much easier! I would recommend Albert Family Orthodontics to anyone needing or considering traditional braces or Invisalign. I’m now enjoying my beautiful pearly whites all because him and his orthodontic team helped me take that next step that I didn’t think was possible. If you are hesitant about taking that next step to get the beautiful smile you’ve always envisioned, I 100% recommend Dr. Albert and his ortho. staff. (reviewed by: Brad Garey rating: 5 date published: March 14, 2018)
Review # 3: Dr. Albert and his crew did my braces (5 years of treatment) and now they are doing my sister’s too. Excellent, friendly, helpful, beautiful results. All the staff is very nice and understanding, and treat their patients with respect. Their referral to the oral surgeon did a surgery for my treatment worked very well. Thank you Dr. Albert for fixing my teeth and jaw. (reviewed by: Eli Uzcategui rating: 5 date published: November 30, 2017)
Review # 4: I thought they did a great job. Service was quick and they were much cheaper than the two other locations i went to prior for a quote. (reviewed by: Aaron Vanhorenbeck rating: 5 date published: March 6, 2018)
Review # 5: The staff is amazing and The Dr. will make braces feel as comfortable as possible. Always welcomed and friendly! (reviewed by: Alex D rating: 5 date published: March 7, 2018)
# Business Name Address Phone Website Categories Rating
56 Pediatric Dentistry of New Tampa, Inc 5326 Primrose Lake Cir, Tampa, FL 33647, USA +1 813-374-0388 http://www.tampahappysmiles.com/ dentist, doctor, health, point_of_interest, establishment 5
Review # 1: Dr. Marta is awesome and every staff member there has been so kind, patient and encouraging while we’ve gone through a couple years of braces. We’ve been going there for years for all our pediatric dentistry (wish she would see me!) and plan to stay! Thanks for all you do! (reviewed by: Marti Barthauer rating: 5 date published: March 1, 2018)
Review # 2: Pediatric Dentistry of New Tampa is the best dental office that I have ever taken my children to. From the smile that welcomes you, to the great services provided prior to being seen, to the staff that works in the back, to the dentist (Dr. Marta)…absolutely wonderful. They make my children feel at ease and make it a very pleasant experience. Not to mention, the office is beautiful and very clean. My children look forward to their dental visit at this office! That says A LOT! (reviewed by: Lola Lopez rating: 5 date published: December 29, 2017)
Review # 3: My children have been going to Pediatric Dentistry from baby teeth to braces. Dr Marta and her entire staff are always so kind and patient with both of my sons. They are especially accommodating towards my oldest who has special needs. Because Pediatric Dentistry’s environment is so friendly, my guys look forward to their dentist appointments. By the way, their teeth they look GREAT too! (reviewed by: Kevin Howard rating: 5 date published: January 7, 2018)
Review # 4: My kids have been patients for 10 years, we love Dr. Marta and her fantastic staff. (reviewed by: Jennifer Picarelli rating: 5 date published: December 31, 2017)
Review # 5: If I could give this company a 10 star I would… this place is wonderful. I love how the rooms are private, so if other kids are scared and crying they don’t freak your kids out. The staff was wonderful and the dentist was wonderful! I am so grateful to have found our New Dental Office. Thank you all for your terrific services. (reviewed by: Leah Lowe rating: 5 date published: September 14, 2016)
# Business Name Address Phone Website Categories Rating
57 Dau Steven V DDS 10353 Cross Creek Blvd # A, Tampa, FL 33647, USA +1 813-929-3361   dentist, health, point_of_interest, establishment  
# Business Name Address Phone Website Categories Rating
58 Alex J Johnson, DMD, MS 3840 Tampa Rd, Palm Harbor, FL 34684, USA +1 727-786-7550 http://www.dralexjohnson.com/ dentist, health, point_of_interest, establishment 5
Review # 1: Our family is very happy that we chose Dr. Johnson for our son’s Invisilign braces. The entire process from consultation to completion has been wonderful. Dr. Johnson and the entire office staff are very friendly and they really take an interest in all of their patients which makes the experience of going to the doctor much for comfortable. Now that the braces are done and in the retainer phase we are all very happy with the outcome of how our son’s teeth look. We highly recommend Dr. Alex Johnson! (reviewed by: Gail Kufro rating: 5 date published: August 17, 2016)
Review # 2: The continued care that my son and I have received from Dr. Alex Johnson and his staff has been stellar. We both wore braces and were truly thrilled with the results. I have to use a splint and retainer during the night and, because of the precise fittings, I can sleep peacefully. We are extremely satisfied with Dr. Alex. (reviewed by: Mary Kay rating: 5 date published: August 21, 2016)
Review # 3: Dr Alex and his staff are top notch all the way. The way their office and Dr. Maggie Davis’ office work together is a true rarity these days!! (reviewed by: Bill Downeyrating: 5 date published: September 13, 2016)
Review # 4: Never had a bad experience here; really cool and funny guy. (reviewed by: spartans114s rating: 5 date published: August 3, 2016)
Review # 5: I have researched offices in this area for months for a pediatric dentist for my child. References from friends were outstanding for this office. After visiting the office in advance of our visit, and then having the first checkup, I now understand the recommendations from my friends and doctor. (reviewed by: A Google User rating: 5 date published: July 13, 2010)
# Business Name Address Phone Website Categories Rating
59 Bay Dental Specialists 12904 Race Track Rd, Tampa, FL 33626, USA +1 813-749-7556 http://www.bivensortho.com/ dentist, health, point_of_interest, establishment  
# Business Name Address Phone Website Categories Rating
60 Coast Dental 14815 N Dale Mabry Hwy, Tampa, FL 33618, USA +1 813-264-1993 https://www.coastdental.com/dentist-office/tampa-fl-33618 dentist, doctor, health, point_of_interest, establishment 4.7
Review # 1: This dentist is awesome…..Super amazing staff and they do an amazing job on your teeth. They are super thorough and explain every thing to you in great detail. I love using them. I cant say enough about this office. They are extremely accommodating and friendly. If you are seeking a GREAT Practice, look no further! (reviewed by: greg bottoni rating: 5 date published: March 13, 2018)
Review # 2: This is hands down the best dental clinic in the area. I’ve struggled to find a good dental office to take my three kids for two years, until I found Coast Dental. The Carrollwood location is perfect since I only live 5 minutes away. The staff is excellent and always happy to see us. Definitely exceeded my expectations! (reviewed by: Lia Casanova rating: 5 date published: January 10, 2018)
Review # 3: I’ve been going to Coast Dental – Carollwood for approximately 18yrs. The staff is very pleasant, friendly and professional. I have always had a good experience; except for occasional long wait times or when having to change/reschedule my appointment on short notice. Overall Coast Dental is a nice and well kept facility, with very professional staff. They get a thumbs up 👍 (reviewed by: sandra cadet rating: 4 date published: February 8, 2018)
Review # 4: First time visiting Coast Dental in Carrollwood. The staff is friendly and courteous. Dr. Hite and Stella are very nice and professional. They made me feel comfortable and explained everything to me. I highly recommend this office for your dental needs. (reviewed by: Shonda McGloun rating: 5 date published: March 5, 2018)
Review # 5: Dr. Hite and Stella are the most genuine and kindest people I have ever met. Going to the dentist is nerve racking for anyone but these two make me feel so comfortable and all nerves go out the window (reviewed by: Melanie Ledea rating: 5 date published: March 9, 2018)
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